Natural Swimming Ponds Use Plants Instead Of Chemicals To Keep The Water Clean

Pools: the thing I miss the most in the middle of this pandemic. (If you're reading this in the future, please know I'm jealous of you.)

However, the thing I don't miss about pools has got to be all the weird chemicals. Sure, chlorine has a nostalgic smell to it, but do I really want it on my body for long spaces of time? Maybe not.

Thankfully, natural pools are on the rise — and they are chemical-free. Let's check them out.

So, lets see what these look like, shall we?

Well, I bet you weren't expecting that.

As it turns out, natural ponds can look as natural — or unnatural — as you want, as long as you actually have the natural element somewhere next to the pool!

Each pool features two crucial areas.

The first is the swimming area itself, which is crystal clear.

The second, and most important, is the "regeneration" area. This is the area the plants inhabit, and where the cleaning of the water takes place.

These particular pools were created by the brand BIOTOP.

"Impurities are absorbed by the plants as nutrients and harmful bacteria are destroyed by natural water organisms. Thanks to the biological self-cleansing properties absolutely no chemicals are required," BioTop Pools described on their website.

Plants do all the work.

"The pool is fortified with zooplankton (water fleas, rotifers, paramecia), which play an important role in keeping the water clean on a continual basis."

I love this sustainable way to own a pool!

Here's how it works:

A series of pumps, screens, and chambers allows for the pool to not only clean itself, but remove all small particles from your swimming experience. Plus, nothing needs to be removed for winter!

You can really make your pool look like a pond.

Some of BIOTOP's clients prefer a more natural look to their swimming areas. For those clients, the plants are more seamlessly integrated, and the walls are lower between the plants and the main swimming area.

Sometimes, the plants are almost totally hidden.

BIOTOP can actually disguise the plant area from the main pool, allowing you the illusion that you're in a traditional pool. But honestly, where's the fun in that? I want to see the rad plants that make all of that possible!

Some hotels have living pools, too!

This is the Resort Maldives, which features a swimmable living pond, surrounded by a massive natural regeneration area that extends into the trees. I want to go swimming so badly right now, guys.

So, would you get a natural pool?

I personally would love to swim in one of these! It would feel great to know that I'm not swimming in chemicals, but in naturally treated and filtered water.