Frustrated Dad Calls Out Clothing Trends For Sexualizing Girls At A Young Age

Sexism is a hot-button topic in today's society. Whether or not we personally have been a victim of it, it's a no-brainer that sexism affects different aspects of people's lives around the world. Whether it's at home, at work, or at school, many people have reported feeling some type of gender discrimination in their life.

Some people think that sexism only occurs with adults.

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Many times, people believe that something so controversial could only happen to adults. However, that's not entirely the case.

Many teens and young girls report that they, too, have been sexually harassed and discriminated.

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According to research, "9 out of 10 teen girls report experiencing sexual harassment, and majorities also say they have received discouraging comments about their abilities in school and athletics."

Now, dads online have started speaking up about the sexism their own daughters have faced.

In a new TikTok video trend gone viral, dads have begun speaking out about times they realized their own daughters were facing sexism, gender discrimination, or over-sexualization.

One dad and TikTok user known as @world.shaker, has now gone viral for his take on the matter.

The dad responded to the viral prompt that asked dads of daughters to share the moment they realized sexism is real or when they realized the over-sexualization of women starts at an incredibly young.

Michael Vaughn, the dad behind the account, spoke out in a video that has now been viewed almost 3-million times.

"It was 100% the clothes. And I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn't know how bad. And then we got a onesie for our daughter that says: 'Sorry, boys, dad says no dating' — sized for a newborn,'" the dad said.

The dad said girls' clothes are a big part of the problem.

"Why does everything have ruffles, why is everything hyper-pink, why is everything glittery? Why can't I just find a one-piece bathing suit for my daughter? Why are girl clothes smaller than boy clothes when they're the same size?" he questioned.

He also questioned why the clothing designs targeted for girls are so "tight" and "small."

"Like, I don't get why boys get normal shorts and my daughter gets shorts with an inseam of negative two.

Like, we legit buy boy pants for our daughter because girl pants are sausage casing leggings. I'm not squeezing a baby back into sausage casing every single diaper change. So, it was 100% girl clothes. Girl clothes are the worst," he said.

Many people on TikTok agreed with Michael's view on girl's clothing.

One parent said that "Everything for girls is cropped right now," saying it's so tough to shop for her two daughters who are not even teens yet.

One parent even said that boy's clothes are "better quality."

Another parent even pointed out that girl's clothing material is "thin" and rips so easily, while boy's are more durable and last longer.

Do you agree with these parents?

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