15+ Pics That Provide Some Unexpected Perspective

There are tons of ways to explore perspective, from highlighting size differences to seeing something we're used to in an entirely new context.

These pics might not change your life, but they're bound to shake up your sense of perspective.

Windows XP has changed.

Reddit | whynotanything

Everyone has seen this vantage point, even if it takes a moment to realize it's the real-life location of the Windows XP default wallpaper. Nowadays, it's a vineyard.

Blinded by the light.

Reddit | EmpressNorton

This shiny metal faucet is positioned perfectly to catch the sun's rays and reflect them into a brilliant, bright sunburst pattern.

Like a metropolis.

Reddit | bignector

Anyone can see that this is just a splintery piece of wood. But if you squint your eyes a bit, it looks just like a cityscape full of skyscrapers.

Lights for a new generation.

Reddit | YuptheGup

This intersection in South Korea features lights in the normal location, along with new lights along the ground so people will see them even if they're looking at their phones.

Neon night.

Reddit | viciousdv

This pic, taken in New York, shows the stark contrast between an area lit by a neon sign and the space behind it.

Big ouch.

Have you ever jammed or pinched a finger and felt a really hot sensation? Turns out the afflicted area really does heat up.

Two continents.

Reddit | HealthyandHappy

This pic in Istanbul shows something very unique: the foreground is part of Europe, while the background shows the beginning of Asia.

Room with a view.

Reddit | letsfoldscarves

The person who built this must love dogs, as the holes are drilled to give the mutts an ideal perspective.

To the stars.

Reddit | dunrath

This pic of a SpaceX launch — reflected against the water below — really gives an idea of how much thrust these rockets need to leave the atmosphere.

Just a few clouds in the sky.

Reddit | co1063

Subways are dark, subterranean areas hidden from the sun. But the roof of this subway car tries to make things a little more bright and airy.

Layers of windows.

Reddit | aarogar

I love the way this pic shows the whole length of a long hallway through a series of windows.

When rivers cross.

Reddit | invadrrrr

Sometimes, construction projects make it necessary to re-route natural features. When those natural features intersect with other natural features, solutions like this river bridge become necessary.

Hilly city.

Reddit | flaabblaab

This pic of San Francisco shows a steep hill in the foreground, the steep hills of downtown in the middle, and the steep hills of the surrounding counties in the background.

From underneath.

Reddit | goodcheapandfast

This interesting photo shows a bunch of birds sitting on a tent. At least the photographer was protected from getting pooped on.

What a view!

Reddit | drummerhart39

This skier (or snowboarder) took a selfie showing their face and their gear. It's cool how said gear reflects the mountains in front.

Icy crevasse.

Reddit | Liamers

At first I saw a little boat in the foreground and icy mountains in the background, but this is just a pic of a car's icy windshield.

In bloom.

This photo juxtaposes the cold lifelessness of the moon with a cherry tree and its blossoms on a bright, sunny day.

Mini city.

Reddit | Vaedur

This mall is pretty much dead, but it still has a spectacular feature: this scale-model version of New York that was built by one person.

Tesla for scale.

Reddit | glitterpeanuts

Those big blades in the background aren't giant katana blades. They're giant windmill blades. Each one looks to be at least a hundred feet long.

The roots.

This guy's standing in front of the roots of a fallen redwood tree, which fairly dwarf him with their size.

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