15+ Bizarre Pics That Just Don't Look Right To Us

Our brains are constantly analyzing visual input, helping us understand just what it is we're looking at.

It's a good system and it also means that when we see something that sticks out like a sore thumb, the brain is bound to let us know about it.

Any zipper works.

Reddit | zacharoid

Considering the varied sizes of zippers and their teeth, it seems pretty remarkable that this guy can zip different articles of clothing together.

Angled shade.

Reddit | Nanikarp

I wonder if this area gets really windy or something, because that's the only possible explanation I can think of for these weirdly angled trees.


Reddit | StArLoRd0o07

Well, it isn't an imposter. It came in an otherwise normal bag of M&M's. Still, why can't it just be normal?

Is it still worth one cent?

Reddit | Sammi_Laced

You can see just how much the stamping machine missed when it was making this penny. It wasn't even close to being on target.

Not so sweet.

Reddit | DemonicDynamite

Putting toothpaste in the impulse buy section, rather than candy, is a health-conscious move. Still, it just feels incredibly wrong.

What's behind the door?

Reddit | HolyHypodermics

We all associate the number 404 with computer errors. I wonder if entering this roped-off door with 404 on it would be enough to leave our current simulation.

Sweet tat.

Reddit | buddhaonacid

The red sticker on this window is reflecting perfectly on this lounging cat. It's a cool new look, I'll give him that.

What's the game plan here?

Reddit | TryingToThink444

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: that's a palm tree suspended from a street light. I can't tell you why any of this is happening.


Reddit | nickgonzalez771

These Aussies bought a brick of dehydrated soil and found a phone card from India inside. It's definitely a little odd.

Not very egg-shaped.

Reddit | lois_is_whatever

This is still technically an egg, since it was laid by a chicken, but it doesn't look like any egg I've ever seen.


Reddit | BdotLUdashE

This little screw has an even smaller screw embedded in it. I wonder how things like this happen.


Reddit | EVOLVE831

This is apparently an electrical relay box, but I would not be at all surprised if it broke free to join the other AT-ATs.

You look familiar.

Reddit | Radiocureee

This is either a case of Seth Rogen going full method for an upcoming role, or it's a letter carrier who looks eerily similar.

Maybe just don't.

Reddit | OzarkDave

Do the instructions on the bottom row show how to correctly run over a small person? Because that's definitely what it looks like.

All right angles.

Reddit | tenkawa7

This worm got caught in a mat after a rainstorm. Now it looks like it's playing the old cell phone game, Snake.

Unique bouquet.

Reddit | MrsEllaneously

This simple bouquet looks nice enough, and that's before processing the fact that the flowers are growing out of carrots.

Ghost feet.

Reddit | Joshifi3d

A reflection trick makes it looks like these sandals are filled with ghostly feet. At least the ghost is staying outside.

When life gives you lemons...

Reddit | phantomplayerone

Yeah, yeah, I know — you're supposed to make lemonade. I just don't know where to begin with this weird lemon.

Somebody help him.

Reddit | tonyfica

This shape in the grass is giving me Gumby, or maybe Sour Patch Kid, vibes. It's also kind of unnerving.

Happy Easter!

Reddit | mostindianer

Some people like getting chocolate bunnies for Easter. Other people would rather get salami bunnies. Either way, no judgment.

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