15+ Things That Only Happened By Defying Incredible Odds

We learn to anticipate the things that are predictable and expected in life. Normally, this serves us well.

But that doesn't mean that the randomness and chaos of life on Earth won't throw us the occasional curve ball.

Not again.

Reddit | l_ur_ker

Remember when a big ship that said 'Evergreen' on the side got stuck in the Suez Canal? Well, replace the ship with a truck and the canal with a highway.

She's famous.

Reddit | mvppaulo

The owners of this rescue cat were surprised to see their kitty on a local newscast about animal shelters.

Big bird.

Reddit | Irolden-_-

This bird's wings are flapping, but in this freeze frame it looks like a gigantic bird that's perched on the building in the backyard.


Reddit | bojackhoneydew

Seconds after this glass of water was set down, it broke perfectly in half. I don't know why. Probably just glass things.

Barely suspended.

Reddit | BioLizard_Venom

A hanging thread of spiderweb is all this bubble needs to remain suspended in the air. I wonder how long this could last.

We live in a simulation.

Reddit | 1saltymf

It's more than a little bit weird that this car is getting followed by six different white cars, all following closely.

I didn't know that was possible.

Reddit | sidd-_007

I didn't think lightning could strike a rainbow, but that was before I saw this incredible picture.

Finding a way.

I wonder what's going on with the ecology here to allow a little flower to take root on the side of a cement wall?

Canada problems.

Something like this seems extremely unlikely, but I guess it becomes more and more likely the closer you move to moose populations.

Ornate watermelon.

Reddit | groovy_sarz1

This watermelon looks delicious, but it would almost be a shame to eat something with such fancy curlicues in its surface.

Need a perch?

Reddit | acnh_nanaland

She's going to need that key to start her car, but it'll have to wait until this bird is done doing its thing.

Lucky 7s.

Reddit | susibirb

The odds of encountering all black 7s on this lottery ticket seem pretty slim. Too bad they don't really add up to much.

A complete tree.

Reddit | Fluffy_Freakout_

This is either an awesome coincidence or a case of the truck driver knowing exactly where to park in any given area.

Spider-Man vibes.

These eggs were dropped in dye and cracked a little bit. Somehow, the cracks make them look even better.


Reddit | fart_head

Unless there's security cam footage of this accident, we'll never know quite how such an unlikely event happened.

Perfect imprint.

Reddit | stenno1

If this person had worn jeans that weren't dusty, or had shifted around even a little bit, this perfect butt impression wouldn't be possible.

No damage done.

Reddit | KyoTheRedditer

At first glance, this looks a little bit catastrophic. But on closer inspection, nothing was damaged...somehow.

Incredible journey.

Reddit | hitbythebus

This 2020 penny is relatively new, but it's seriously weathered. That's because it just took an eight-day journey through a six-year-old's digestive tract.


Reddit | pubikass

This laptop has a moth sticker on it for some reason. Also, for one moment in time, it also had a real moth.

Arms crossed.

Reddit | theredkrawler

I never thought I'd see a vegetable try to front on me, but I'm pretty sure this carrot is fronting on me.

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