Fans Just Noticed A Dirty Buzz Lightyear Joke In 'Toy Story 2'

Childhood films are a lot less innocent than you'd think.

In order to appease parents (or simply make their jobs more interesting), filmmakers love to throw in some adult jokes. Check out some here.

That's why you'll be completely mindblown to infinity and beyond when you see this Buzz Lightyear joke from Toy Story 2.

Want to ruin your childhood?

Go back and watch a handful of your favorite childhood movies. Chances are, you'll discover that there are many adult jokes hidden in there.

While some are obvious, some may still go over your head. Take The Emperor's New Groove, for example.

This Disney film proved to be better suited for mature audiences in one scene.

In it, the character Kronk said that he “pitched a tent” while out camping.

Only thing is, it showed him pitching a tent over his, um, area. Real subtle, guys! And totally not appropriate for kids.

Or when we learned about Miss Piggy's promiscuous reputation.

In Muppet Treasure Island, this saucy gal's racy past was revealed when she saw Tim Curry’s Long John Silver and said, “Hello, Long John," emphasizing the "long."

To this, Kermit gasped and said, “oh no, him too?!” Never change, Miss Piggy!

Certain movies contain more NSFW jokes than others.

Cars, for instance, reigns supreme when it comes to appeasing adults. In one scene, Lightning McQueen, a famous race car, has a group of groupies.

Because they're excited to see him, they flash their "lights." And by lights, we mean that they are flashing their... well, you get the idea.

Another film that has quite a few adult jokes is the *Toy Story* franchise.

This fact was recently resurfaced by TikTok user @lokilovers227.

She responded to another user who asked, "What was a joke from a children's TV show that went way over your head?" To this, she shared a scene from Toy Story 2.

In it, Jessie, a character introduced in the second film, has to open the door to let Andy's dog out of the room.

Since she's an adventurous character, she decides to do so with some serious flair.

This involves doing a crazy stunt of her riding on a toy skateboard, flipping through a track, and flying through the air to the door.

Buzz Lightyear was clearly impressed.

While as kids, we knew this by the astonished look on his face, as adults, we noticed something else...

Basically, after he watches her perform the impressive aerobatic stunt, his wings pop out and the lights on the end of them start flashing.

You can probably guess what that means...

If not, these comments from mind-blown TikTok users should help.

"buzz got a woody," wrote one user. "Buzz wants to go all the way and beyond," added another.

The realization of the dirty joke hit some users pretty hard.

"I just realized omgg," wrote user @kat123347. "Not me being 27 and only just realising the joke," wrote another.

This realization even caused users to question other parts of the movie.

"wait... so if that what buzz does... what does woody mean when he says 'there's a snake in my boot.'"

Or this slightly disturbing realization...

"When you realize that Andy's mums favorite toys were also Woody and Buzz," wrote one user with an embarrassed face emoji.

Some commenters were even upset at one of their favorite movie being ruined. Some wrote, "No Toy story whyyyy," and "it's ruined my childhood wow."

Anyone else shooketh?! What else about our life is a lie?!

goes and rewatches all childhood films.

You may want to go and do the same! For now, though, start with this scene in question.

Afterward, let us know whether you got this Buzz Lightyear joke today or when you were young!