Give Plants A Boost By Upcycling Old Bras Into Unique Planters

Do you happen to have some old bras lying around? Well, if you thought of getting rid of them or even donating them, hold that thought. What if you could turn your old bra into something quite different?

Does that intrigue you just a little bit? There's a cool idea floating around the net that I think you would really like.

So get a load of this idea.

Unsplash | Uliana Kopanytsia

Ladies are turning their old bras into flower planters. Oh, yes, you heard it here first, ha, ha! How is that for fun yet a slightly odd idea? I know it sounds bizarre.

I get it, it sounds weird at first but bear with me.

Once you see what I mean, you'll probably understand it more. See, this is what I'm talking about here. Now, it doesn't look so crazy. Am I right? I actually think it's fun.

As it turns out, a bra makes a perfect planter.

You've got the two cups that provide the ideal support for some plants or flowers. Who would have thought that our old bras can have a second lease on life?

Now, how is this for a very hairy bra? Ha, ha!

Doesn't this moss look just like hair? Oh my goodness. I had no idea I can plant such pretty succulents in one of my old bras. What a funky idea.

If you don't feel comfortable hanging your bra planters outside, check this out.

I think this would be a cool indoor version of the idea, no? What's your take on it? I think it's kind of cute in a slightly weird way.

This lady created a beautiful pink bra planter to support a friend with breast cancer.

Awe that, is such a wonderful and thoughtful idea. I bet her friend really appreciate this kind gesture. And the plants seem pretty happy, too.

Is this what they mean when they say, "just hanging out"?

Ha, ha! Imagine seeing this on your daily walk? I have to admit it would catch me as a surprise. It is quite unorthodox, but hey, if it works, then why not?

So this might be why my ivy didn't do so well.

Perhaps she wanted to be hung up in a bra planter like this one, hee, hee. Okay, I hear you. Maybe I should try this idea after all. Don't you think?

Let me ask you a question: Would you hang up a bra planter in your backyard?

Unsplash | Martin Kníže

Or would you be a little too embarrassed to do that? I have to say I'm on the fence here. I like this, but I'm not 100% sold on the idea.