Apricot The Two-Toned Rescue Kitten Looks Like Two Cats Merged Into One

There are ordinary kittens, and then every now and then, there are extraordinary ones, like this two-toned rescue kitten with a very unique story.

It's certainly not every day that many of us get to see a kitten that appears to be two kittens combined into one. And the reason for her beautiful two-toned appearance just may shock you.

The kitten named Apricot is a chimera.

While fairly unusual, chimera cats certainly are not unheard of.

As PEOPLE reported, Apricot isn't just two-toned, she truly is two cats merged into one. One embryo fused with another and created two sets of DNA.

She was rescued along with her unconventional family.

Apricot was found by Nashville Cat Rescuers along with her sister, Pretzel, and two mother cats named Pickle and Olive. Pickle and Olive didn't give birth to Apricot or Pretzel but decided to take them in as their surrogate mommas.

They were found living in a wall by a nearby business. It would seem that not much about Apricot's life is typical in the least.

Apricot found a foster mother.

Kiki fosters many animals and took in Apricot and her sister, Pretzel, along with the pair of momma cats.

Hopefully before long, they will all find a new home.

We have a feeling this chimera kitty will find a forever home.

Celine Chung l Unsplash

Although Kiki is hopeful about finding Apricot and her family a new home, before that can happen, the kitten needs to grow a bit bigger and have additional veterinary care. Nashville Cat Rescues they will be available for adoption in about 5-7 weeks.

In the meantime, you can keep up with little Apricot and her family over on Kiki's Instagram page.

Let us know what you think of this adorable and unusual kitty in the comments and if you were shocked to see a chimera cat.


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