17+ People Who Should’ve Expected The Unexpected

No matter what you do to prepare yourself in life, there will always be moments that surprise you and catch you off guard.

So, from people who got help up in traffic by flying port-a-loos to individuals who took April Fool's Day jokes too far, here are 17+ people who should've expected the unexpected.

"I saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon yesterday. She looked shocked that I don't live in the salon 24/7."

I feel like this is the look that most kids give their teachers when they first see them outside of the school.

"Found Unexpectedly In Downtown Denver..."

I think that this is meant to give people a bit of a laugh, but it would scare the hell out of me if I came across this in an alleyway at night!

"I'm not even mad, that's amazing."

"Great work catching the Cheese Bandit Dave, how did you do it?"

"Well, he bloody stinks of cheese..."

"This barber has some issues..."

I also never know how people can fall asleep when they're getting a haircut, I would always be too nervous about them ruining my hair while I slept!

Mistakes Were Made...

At least he has the ability to look back and see where he made his mistakes! It can be hard to see where you made a mistake in the past, but sometimes they're easier to notice!

"A photo of Superman discovering his greatest power."

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"

"I don't know but whatever it is, it's bloody rude!"

"Went into the office today for the first time in a long time..."

Wow, that really hasn't aged well, has it? Whoever's office cubicle this is really jinxed the last year!

"I Wonder Why This Place Closed..."

With a name and a sign like this they were just asking for trouble. Who did their market research?!

"They say that every sign has a story."

They do say that indeed. However, for my own peace of mind, I am begging that it is not true for this sign.

"Nailed it!"

I hate it when you're just driving along minding your own business and suddenly a cartoon character bashes into the side of your car!

"This sticker at my work place..."

Oh what, so this business just expects its service employees to not cry when they go to the bathroom? That's madness!

Have Mercy!

At what point did this person just start expecting to come back to their car and find it broken into? I'd say after the seventh break-in, probably.

"Now This Is Cruel!"

There is a point where April Fool's Day jokes can go too far...and this is absolutely an example of this!

"I guess we have a new appliance..."

I wonder what this appliance's specialist function is? Stealing and devouring all of your ingredients, presumably?

"Super glad this was secured so it couldn't be stolen."

"I just don't know how they got through the impenetrable thin layer of cardboard?!"

"Well...I mean, it's cardboard."

My Dog Doesn't Bite, He Throws Bricks!

I wouldn't fancy being the mailman in the neighborhood where this dog lives! You'd need to do your rounds in a crash helmet!

"Cat fails the hunt!"

The fact that this chicken is still alive is a miracle to me. If my cat catches anything then...well, the thing that it has caught is never alive for long.

"One cardboard sign to rule them all."

It always baffles me when lads in their BMWs get right up behind people in old bangers, what do they really expect is going to happen? That the car in front is suddenly going to speed up?!

Things Always Turn Up In The End!

This person wrote, "So about 6 years ago I lost my wedding ring. I ended up getting a tattoo rather than replace it. We have moved twice since then and live in a different state. My wife just found it in [an] old purse."

"A wind storm blew a porto-potty into an intersection in Pittsburgh, PA today!"

As someone else also pointed out, the new series of Doctor Who looks like it has taken a budget hit!