20 Creepy Pics That We Hope Have A Totally Normal Explanation

It's in human nature to want answers. We tend to fear the unknown, which I think is totally reasonable. We can't predict what we don't know, after all.

That's why some of the photos on this list are so unsettling. Though they're all strange and creepy, not all of them have an explanation for why they exist. Maybe you can be the one to figure it out!

"This Hello Kitty is terrifying."

Who knew such a simple concept as 'long Hello Kitty' could be so upsetting?

"A roadrunner laid an egg in my greenhouse."

The construction and design of this nest alongside the one singular egg reads very folk-horror to me.

"These garden lamps I saw at the dollar store..."

Let their eyes illuminate the way, for they see all, these tiny poodles and basset hounds.

"The design on my egg after it cracked being dropped in the dye."

You were already making an alien egg, now you're making a hatching one. Hope you're prepared.

"There is a man walking around with pet ostriches in my city."

The pet within itself isn't creepy, but this ostrich's eyes are way too human. I think the man who owns him is a wizard and there's a human soul trapped in there.

"It looks like there's a little man inside my tulip."

There is! He has a message for you, and you get to choose whether or not you listen to him. Will you?

"Here’s one of those phone masks I found in an antique mall."

I would love to meet the freak that saw someone using a phone and went, "Y'know what would make that even better? If you could strap it to your face."

"Poison Bottle!"

The lack of context here is worrisome. Would you like to tell us why you have a poison bottle? When and where was it last emptied?

"I don’t know why but the ants love the cable on the ground."

Bug swarming in any way is pretty creepy but someone in the comments said the ants are likely attracted to the EMF the cable is emitting, which is even weirder.

"This mutant daisy."

Funnily enough, this phenomenon is called a fascination, which is fitting seeing as it's pretty fascinating!

"Tree eating a gravestone in an old Irish famine graveyard in my town."

Not unheard of or unexpected, but seeing someone's final marker being eaten away causes a little unease in me.

"My dog thinks licking the window will get our attention to let him in....boy did it work."

You let him in at record speeds, which means he'll be doing this again since it worked so well.

"Skull imprinted from pasta water drying on stovetop [...]."

Was that person who had the poison bottle at your house recently? You might want to make some new pasta, just in case.

"Two old mine carts in a river near my house in South Wales."

The colors here really add to the spooky aura around this photo. Can't help but think whatever happened here resulted in a ghost haunting the nearby grounds.

"Well now."

I understand what this sign is getting at, but the wording is just off enough that it reads as eerie instead.

"Just heading to work, nothing to see here."

Nothing but a definitely normal house with some normal decor. Very innocuous and not worth worrying about or thinking about at all.

"Easter cake my friends mom made. Those eyes rub me the wrong way."

Just the eyes? It's just the eyes that rub you the wrong way? Nothing more?

"What has he seen?"

The art of the weird light post poster has always been a classic. It takes refinement to do right and this one hits the nail on the head.

"This [Two-Face] type creature on this NYC apt entrance."

Not Two-Face, actually, but the Toxic Avenger! The owner of that building is Lloyd Kaufman, who's the founder of Trauma Entertainment, which created the Toxic Avenger series.

"The guarana fruit looks like an angel from the Old Testament."

It also looks like something I never want to see again. Ever. In my life. Thank you.

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