'Wheel Of Fortune' Fans Slam Show In Defense Of Contestant Who Lost To 'Dumbest Rule'

One word.

That's all it took for one Wheel of Fortune contestant to break a rule on the show. This ended up costing him the puzzle.

That's also all it took to divide fans on Twitter, with some saying he lost to a "dumb rule." Others, however, are all for it.

Come see what else fans had to say!

*Wheel of Fortune* is the longest-running syndicated game show in the United States, spanning over 37 years.

This means that host Pat Sajak and viewers have seen a lot of weird stuff over the years.

This includes everything from quirky contestants to epic fails that are super hard to watch.

Like this time a contestant couldn't solve an obvious puzzle.

We're going to take a guess and say that she's never been invited to an exclusive nightclub before...

That would be the only explanation for why she failed to solve it, costing her the $10,000 she had just won.

This next fail has been called the "greatest miss in the show's history."

When the puzzle said a "Streetcar Na-ed Desire," a contestant named Kevin decided to ask for a "k," resulting in his answer being, "A Streetcar Naked Desire."

Unless you're Kevin, you'd know that it was actually "A Streetcar Named Desire."

In all fairness to the contestants, some of the show's fails are hilarious.

Like this time a woman answered "self-potato" instead of "self-portrait."

LOL. Maybe she was thinking ahead of lunch? It's hard to say, but you could tell she immediately regretted her mishap since she laughed at the end of it.

This latest fail has fans blaming the show's rules — not the contestant.

See, since 2016, the show introduced the crossword puzzle format. The crossword is categorical and often consists of four words.

When contestants answer the crossword, one rule states that they are not allowed to say "and" before the last word on the list.

This is a hard thing to avoid when you're answering a list of words.

Unfortunately, David Pederson learned this rule the hard way when he went to solve the crossword under the category "Catch of the Day." He answered, "Sole, Flounder, Cod, AND Catfish.”

While his answers were correct, including the conjunction "and" at the end was not.

"No, sorry. That's not right," replied host Pat Sajak.

Since he lost on a technicality, another contestant got to solve the puzzle. David wasn't the only one frustrated by the rule.

Soon, many viewers took to Twitter to air out their grievances towards it. "They need to fix that freakin' "and" rule for #WheelOfFortune crossword puzzles. Come on," wrote this user.

The rule is being described as super "cold."

Some viewers find it hard to watch the contestants lose money.

"Another contestant losing out on money because they said AND on the crossword puzzle. @WheelofFortune just change the dumbest rule ever and allow this," wrote this Twitter user.

"It just isn’t natural. Pat having to remind contestants of that rule and no other rule just goes to show how poorly thought out it was," argued another.

One even had a solution: "Why don't you have the "and" symbol in the puzzle then people could say "and" and not lose their money."

Some viewers actually sided with the show, stating that "a rule is a rule."

"He was clearly warned by Pat to NOT add anything before he answered. It is always sad to see someone lose a lot of what they earned on the board, but live with it," wrote this person.

Some say changing it wouldn't be fair. "@WheelofFortune do NOT change the “and rule” people can’t be adding words that are not in the puzzle and still win. It’s ridiculous," argued this user.

You can watch the moment for yourself below.

While it was a tough loss for David, we're sure he'll be paying close attention to the rules from now on!

What do you think about Wheel of Fortune's rule? Should they change it or keep it? Let us know in the comments!