Mom Shares Hospital Selfie To Show The Raw Realities Of Breastfeeding

When women give birth, there is a ton of controversy surrounding how mothers will choose to feed their newborns. Some women push hard for breastfeeding, claiming it's the more natural way to feed children. And, moms feel a ton of pressure from outsiders to make sure they breastfeed and do it right.

Many women say they feel "pressured" to breastfeed.

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According to reports, many new moms say that they feel pressured to breastfeed and that pressure can lead to "feeling like a failure"if they can't.

It's hard for women to speak up and speak out.


Some women feel guilty and uncomfortable speaking up because they often times feel like a "bad mom" for voicing their concerns.

One woman recently spoke out on Instagram by sharing a selfie from the hospital.

One mom named Remi who goes by the handle @mamaclog is a UK blogger who shares her breastfeeding and parenting journey with followers online via Instagram.

Remi shared a selfie taken from her hospital bed after she was admitted due to an infection that's common in breastfeeding moms.

The mom shared some important and transparent information online about how she struggled in the hospital with mastitis. Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that can lead to an infection in breastfeeding moms.

She said at first, her milk didn't come in at all.

She described the pain she endured with her milk "not coming in." And, when she went home, that her nipples were so dry that they literally cracked.

After trying to make it work, she developed sepsis.

She was rushed to the hospital as she developed a fever and began vomiting. She had not realized the symptoms of mastitis. She was forced to be in the hospital away from her baby for two nights.

Apparently, it got worse in the hospital.

The mom was struggling with her mastitis because the hospital didn't have many pumps for her to use. However, the mom said there should be more knowledge about breastfeeding to avoid situations like this.

She then spoke how women should be more outspoken about breastfeeding.

The mom said while women don't "give birth alone" they are expected to breastfeed alone, in silence, without others knowing.

She claimed it has a lot to do with society's objectification of women's bodies and our breasts.

Many women online began thanking the mom and sharing their praise.

Many women have been undergoing the same thing and similar, and therefore, thanked the mom for sharing her story and spreading important and vital information everyone should know about breastfeeding.

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