18+ People Who Stumbled Upon The Perfect Joke

This world is chock full of little jokes that individuals leave around for others to stumble across.

And, with this wonderful idea in mind, here are 14+ times that people stumbled upon the perfect joke!

"Important information!"

Ah, so that is why I am struggling to lift heavy objects! It's because I'm not slapping my own ass and nothing to do with me being weak as hell.

"That's a pretty good technique for a store."

This would be absolutely perfect if that apostrophe in "King's" didn't make me want to leap out of a window.

"Free yoga!"

I wonder what this position is called? I wish that every dog owner had to learn this exercise when they get a new dog!

"A Meeping Angel!"

Fascinating race, the Meeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the Universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss...just a load of weird squeaking.

Someone Stumbled Across This At The Beach...

I keep waiting to see Wile E Coyote's head to burst out of the ground with little birds spinning around it.

"A happy married life!"

This is modern hedonism done perfectly! Excuse me while I go and purchase all of the things to achieve this setup!

"Now with Clothing!"

I do not think that I have ever resonated with a sentence quite like, "This man contributes absolutely nothing to society!"

"My wife left the sunscreen out last weekend."

Well, as far as sunscreens go, this one clearly did its job a little too well! I wonder what SPF that stuff is?!

"How long until someone notices..."

Someone suggested that they also lean up a rake nearby as well, which I do think would really complete the scene!

"My best friend's 2021 April Fool's Day prank."

There will be one person who sees this getting far too excited at the prospect of finally being able to spend that Blockbuster gift card that they have been holding onto for years now.

"Existentialist bumper sticker!"

I can resonate with this sticker's rapid escalation from asking yourself a quite simple question to ending up questioning the nature of reality.

"A brewery near me decided to name their newest beer after a recent email they received."

One person explained, "The person on the can is someone who started at the brewery as a server and worked her way up to GM. The email was about her; she didn't allow a customer to stay in the facility because they refused to wear a mask, and the subsequent email was from said customer."

"Remembering that time IKEA published this product recall notice on 1st April..."

I really want to know how many, if any, people actually tried to exchange their allen keys. I bet that there were a fair few people who fell for this.

"Still waiting on Halloween to come back around."

For some people, Halloween is more than just a holiday, it is a way of life! I wonder if they just leave these skeletons up all year and make them suit whatever season it is?

"My dad told me there were brownies in the pan."

I can just imagine that their dad must have been chuckling to himself maniacally while painstakingly cutting these out!

"Today's Goodwill find!"

Does it really matter how much they were asking for this? Surely any amount of money is appropriate!

"The only directions I needed."

The temptation would be to just turn this sign around, and then watch as so many taco-lovers go without tacos like an evil mastermind!

The Struggle Is Real!

I feel personally attacked by this sign and I don't like it one bit! Time to start looking at gym memberships that I will never actually use again.

"He said he was fishing for laughs."

I wonder how long he was waiting for someone to ask him what he was up to. This is top tier dad joking.

"Friend ordered a pizza today, asked for a joke on the box. They did not disappoint."

Good to see that the classic "how many people does it take to change a lightbulb" jokes are still going strong!