Supermodel Elsa Hosk Calls Out The Men Who Are Offended By Her Breastfeeding Photos

Supermodel and supermom Elsa Hosk is clapping back at the gross men in her Instagram messages who have a problem with her beautiful breastfeeding photos. I know, right?

It will never make sense to me why the most natural thing in the world is so controversial, but I guess that's just showbiz, baby.

Former Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

In addition to being beautiful on the outside, the 32-year-old is beautiful on the inside, making it her mission to normalize all the parts of being a new mom!

The 32-year-old welcomed her first child, daughter Tuulikki Joan, with boyfriend Tom Daly on Feb. 11th.

Since her daughter's birth, Elsa has made an effort to normalize breastfeeding by posting a series of photos of herself and her Tuulikki.

Now, Elsa is calling out the men who have an issue with these extremely normal photos!

Posting on her Instagram story, Elsa wrote:

"Find it interesting the amount of DMs I get from men who get offended when you post a photo breastfeeding… like… why is the most natural thing so offending to you?"

"Breasts literally exist so we can feed our children," the Swedish model added.

Can she say it louder for the haters in the back?

It's so awesome when huge influencers normalize breastfeeding! It helps women everywhere feel more comfortable!

Women were supportive of Elsa speaking out, and took to social media to praise her.

"It's the most natural thing to do. Humankind would not be here without it," tweeted one fan.

"They need to get over it," agreed another.

Way to go, Elsa!