People Are Upcycling Their Old Plates For Garden Decor

Now that it's spring, those with a green thumb might be itching to get back into their garden!

It's a wonderful hobby, after all. And a great way to add some natural decor to your home!

This year, you might want to try this new garden decor hack. Instead of spending money on edging, people are repurposing their old plates!

Talk about a win-win.

Now that spring cleaning is upon us, what kind of old items do you have in your house?

Unsplash | Sergey Shmidt

Take a look around and you might see old papers you should have shredded, clothes that haven't seen the light of day in years, and so much more.

While you *could* Marie Kondo your life and get rid of these old items, here's another idea: repurpose them!

There are so many clever things you can do, like turning an old t-shirt into a cleaning rag or making art out of an old record, like this Redditor did!

Then, there's this person who took the seat out of old kitchen chairs and made gorgeous flower planters out of them.

How adorable!

Speaking of your garden, there are so many upcycling projects you can tackle this spring.

One clever hack people have been doing is using old plates for garden decor.

This is a brilliant and cost-effective way to save on edging! Just look how cute!

You can even change up the theme depending on the design of the plates. With Easter coming up, I know what plates will be in my garden.

If you want more inspiration, look no further than the hashtag #platesinthegarden on Instagram!

Buddha sure looks happy next to those plates! (Sorry there's no food on them, big guy).

This person placed the plates around their wildflower patch and one side of a herb box.

"Giving the garden some flair!" wrote this Instagram user.

They dug their plates into the soil so that only the tops are peeking out. This is a perfect balance for those who want a more subtle look.

We love how these plates look as a barrier between the soil and the rocks!

It gives the garden a real vintage feel.

By the way, if you don't have old plates lying around, you could easily buy some for cheap at a thrift store.

Don't want to use the plates for edging? Repurpose them to make your own windmill!

This Instagram user created a flower design out of her plates. Would you give this clever hack a try?

We had no clue how many creative things could be done with old plates!

Did you know? Would you try a clever hack like this? Or do you prefer to keep the plates indoors?

Let us know in the comments!

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