Mom On Facebook Calls Out Target For Selling Crop Tops To Young Girls

Many stores that sell clothing for young girls and teens tend to sell whatever is trending online and on social media. For example, whatever other celebrity teens are wearing, fashion brands tend to replicate those designs for young shoppers.

Many parents often feel that fashion marketed towards their kids can be "inappropriate."

Unsplash | Katie Gerrard

While teens love the styles and trends, sometimes parents don't totally love them at all due to how revealing things can be.

For example, crop tops have become very popular in the last few years.

Many girls love crop tops, which often showcase their abdomen, depending on the type of pants that they wear.

All over Instagram and TikTok, girls are sporting the look.

On two of the most popular apps for teens, girls are sharing photos more and more sporting crop tops of all kinds.

As it so happens, crop tops were originally created for men.

Apparently, crop tops were originally created for men in the '70s, when bodybuilders cut off their shirts to showcase their abs during competitions.

Now, however, crop tops have become popular among young girls.


Many stores that target the 12-16-year-old demographics tend to sell crop tops with fun sayings, cool graphics, and even fun prints.

One mom recently spoke out online against crop tops.

The mom, K-Leigh Taylor, shared a photo on Facebook with the caption, "If you’re gonna cancel cartoons, stop making crop tops for my [expletive] 6-year-old!"

The photo appeared to be taken inside the girls' department of a Target store.

The top appeared to be in the section for young girls.

Unsplash | Artem Beliaikin

Rather than put in the teens' section, this crop top seemed to be in the section for girls aged 5-10.

The mom was angered by this placement.

The mom seemed to be angry that the store was marketing this style to kids at such a young age, as she feels six years old is too young for crop tops.

Many people had mixed views on the matter.

One person said that it's everyone else's fault for "sexualizing" children, and that if kids want to wear this style, it's because they are comfortable with their body.

Some agreed with this perspective.

Other women stepped in saying that children should "dress how they want" and it is the adults' fault for "sexualizing them."

Many said this isn't a new trend, either.

Some women chimed in saying that it isn't new to have crop tops marketed towards girls. Some said they were also wearing "belly shirts" when they were younger.

Others said if people stop buying it, it'll stop selling.

One person said that if people stop buying the shirts, stores will stop selling them. They also said that it is the parents who should make the decision what their kids can and cannot wear.

But, some people sided with the mom.

Some people in the comments said that little girls shouldn't wear crop tops at all anyway and those who are trying to bring the counterargument are the problem.

As it turns out, the shirt happened to be a bathing suit top.

One person online found the particular top in question and it turns out it was a rash guard meant to be worn over bathing suits.

Even though this particular shirt wasn't a crop top, the mom's opinion still sparked a debate online. Where do you stand on this side of the debate?

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