10+ Tweets Proving Brendan Fraser Is An Underrated Actor In Hollywood


Brendan Fraser will forever hold a very special place in my heart. He was one of the biggest stars the '90s had to offer and subsequently appeared in some of the most memorable and monumental films of that decade.

Brendan Fraser worked for about four decades in Hollywood and has given many classic movies to its fans, few of his best works depicting his charisma and talent were seen in movies like The Mummy, Airheads, and Encino Man.

Recently, Brendan began trending on Twitter for no apparent reason other than the fact that the internet thinks he's awesome.

Take a peek below at some of the most memorable moments.

1. Brendan was always a trailblazer.

In case you were confused by the lingo, a 'himbo' is the male equivalent of a bimbo.

You've got to admit that no one played an airhead quite as well as Brendan did while starring in the film Airheads.

2. *Blast From The Past* really is a criminally underrated movie.

Long before the days of streaming subscriptions and 4K TV, Blast from the Past was constantly playing on cable.

It's one of the better romcoms of the decade and showcases Brendan and a striking Alicia Silverstone at the top of their game.

3. Is *Looney Tunes: Back In Action* a better movie than *Space Jam*?

It might sound blasphemous at first, but if you remove Michael Jordan from the fabric of Space Jam, the film starts to fall apart.

Looney Tunes: Back In Action, by comparison, is a nonstop thrill ride packed with laughs and excitement.

4. Oh what could have been...

Brendan and Sebastian Stan do kind-of look alike. I think there's a good argument to be made that Brendan could have played a number of characters in the MCU.

He's giving off serious Bane vibes with that coat, too.

5. Who remembers *Journey To The Center of The Earth*?

The film is based on the immortal classic of the same name by author Jules Verne.

Unfortunately, the film is limited by the CGI available at the time, but Brendan still manages to pull off yet another memorable performance.

6. *George Of The Jungle* is still a "pretty darn good" movie.

If you haven't seen it, George of the Jungle is a satirical reimagining of the story of Tarzan.

Not only is Brendan hilarious in the film, he's also unbelievably jacked as well.

7. Truer words have never been spoken

You have to admit, this Twitter user makes a good point.

I love Tom Cruise as much as the next person (probably more) but picturing him rubbing elbows with Bugs bunny is just something I can't do.

8. An ode to Ben Sullivan on *Scrubs*.

I'm inclined to agree with @stevenspohn. The Mummy is an incredible film but it pales in comparison to the emotional powerhouse that is Scrubs.

Brendan's cameo as Ben Sullivan will leave you weeping in a puddle of your own tears.

9. Why don't more people talk about *School Ties*?

School Ties is an incredible sports story/coming-of-age tale about a Quarterback who's given the chance to play for a prestigious prep school.

The only catch is that he can't let the staff know he's Jewish.

10. *Doom Patrol* forever!

You can catch up on old episodes of Doom Patrol on Crave TV right now.

I'm about halfway through season 1, and I've got to say that it's one of the best superhero-shows that I've ever seen.

11. Horse kisses are the best kind of kisses.

I have no idea whether or not the story about Brendan adopting the horse is true or false, but I don't care.

My heart believes it to be so, which is all that matters.

12. The many faces of Brendan Fraser are on full display in *Bedazzled*.

This is another great example of a film that just doesn't get the praise that it so rightly deserves.

He and Liz Hurley make quite the unlikely comedic duo.

13. Still kicking ass and taking names in *Doom Patrol*.

What was I just saying about Doom Patrol? I told you — it's awesome.

Brendan plays Cliff Steele: a former racecar champion whose consciousness is surgically implanted into a robot after a horrific accident claims his body.

14. I need this bumper sticker in my life right now.

I know that most of us are probably reading this at our desks, but the sentiment still remains — I honk loud and proud for this.

If I'm being honest, there's hardly a situation in my daily life where I wouldn't rather be watching The Mummy.

15. Brendan is the best at signing autographs.

This might be the most matter-of-fact autograph signing I've ever witnessed in my life.

I also love how Brendan makes a point of reminding people that he was in The Mummy — as if we could ever forget!

16. Can you picture Brendan Fraser as Star-Lord in *The Guardians Of The Galaxy*?

I personally think that Brendan would have made a fantastic Star-Lord.

If you begin examining the fabric of each respective character, you'll find that Chris Pratt has at best six degrees of separation from Brendan.

17. The ultimate dynamic duo? I think so.

Who doesn't have a soft spot for Grover? As a kid, I always felt that people came to Sesame Street for Elmo but they stayed for Grover.

It's nice to see that Brendan feels the same way.

18. A pleasant surprise, to say the very least.

This one made me smile when I read it. In the age we live in, trending on Twitter is very rarely a good thing.

I also hope that the news brought a smile to Brendan's face.

19. Dropping nothing but truth bombs.

Brendan has become the framework for the modern-day action hero: a stud of a man, slightly awkward/quirky hunk who knows how to throw a right-hook.

Look at the popular video game Drake's Fortune and tell me that isn't at least partially based on Brendan.

20. Does Brendan Fraser give the warmest hugs?

How could a giant teddybear like Brendan Fraser not be a good hugger, in fact, I wonder if he puts it on his resume?

Not that he'd have to. One look at those smoldering eyes and you just know.

21. Brendan getting his flowers is nothing new.

I love how every few years we seem to remind ourselves of just how much we love Brendan Fraser.

If you ask me, I think we should keep him trending on Twitter 24/7.

22. Don't try and put Brendan Fraser in a box — he's as diverse as they come.

Brendan's not the type to label himself. He was/is a true Hollywood chameleon who lets his passion dictate the roles he chooses.

He's an absolute gem who has managed to touch the lives of millions across multiple demographics.

23. Is Brendan Fraser really Batman?

I'm not saying that Brendan Fraser is Batman. All I am saying is that I've never seen Brendan Fraser and Batman in the same room together.

Try and convince me that he wouldn't have been a dream casting for Bruce Wayne — I dare you.

24. Brendan's hair really doesn't get the credit it so rightly deserves.

Look at those luscious locks that Brendan was rocking in Airheads — is he dreamy or what?

Oddly enough, his haircut from Encino Man seems in keeping with the current fashion trends.

25. Get the hell away from here, Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise is the answer to a question that nobody asked.

Why on earth did he feel the need to try and tarnish one of the greatest film legacies of the early '00s? How would he feel if Brendan all of a sudden decided he wanted to be Ethan Hunt?

26. Brendan ain't afraid of no ghost (or Mummy).

What do you do when Prince Imhotep resurrects himself before your very eyes and roars in your face?

If you're Brendan Fraser, you stand your ground and snarl right back. Nothing fazes him, nothing at all.

27. Some fans believe that Brendan Fraser should be trending every day.

Didn't I just say this? Talk about being on the same wavelength.

I think that Twitter should take it under advisement to have a different celebrity trending every day, for no other reason other than the fact that we love them.

28. This logic seems incredibly sound.

As a confessed book nerd and bibliophile, I love that Brendan Fraser loves the library.

Rachel Weisz was also a pioneer for early female action stars and doesn't get nearly the amount of praise that she deserves.

29. Have you seen the underappreciated gem *The Passion Of Darkly Noon* starring Brendan Fraser?

I thought that I'd seen every film in Brendan's catalog but somehow this one escaped me.

The fact that it also stars Ashley Judd as well as Viggo Mortensen is just icing on the cake.

30. Should Brendan star in another chapter of *The Mummy*?

I know that The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor wasn't his best work, but in the age of remakes and reboots you can't tell me that Brendan doesn't deserve another kick at the can.

So from the bottom of our hearts Brendan Fraser — thank you.

Thank you for all the times you made us laugh in Encino Man, for the times you thrilled us in The Mummy, and even for all those moments you brought us to tears in Scrubs.

We love you and we want more of you.