Just A Reminder That Brendan Fraser Is Still The Most Wholesome Man In Hollywood

There are few celebrities who are as universally beloved as Brendan Fraser. The Canadian-American actor is best known for his roles in a series of '90s and early 2000's movies that shaped an entire generation.

He played the titular character in George of the Jungle, starred in Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Now, the actor is trending for no reason other than simply being the best.

When I see a celebrity I love trending on Twitter, it's a very stressful experience.

Let's just say, celebrities rarely trend for good reasons these days.

However, Brendan Fraser was the exception to the rule, which makes sense because he is an angel!

Twitter was just filled with wholesome, loving tweets for the 52-year-old.

It's hard not to reminisce about the good ol' days when you see his name pop up! I mean seriously, where would cinema be today without the The Mummy?

It's clear the world's love affair with the talented and sweet actor hasn't died down at all in the past 30 years.

If anything, it's grown!

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