Send The Message Loud And Clear With A 'Go Away' Wreath Sign

If you're anything like me, then even the mention of a wreath that turns people away from your house appeals to you.

See, I like people. I just want to see them on my terms. I don't want them at my house. Luckily, an Etsy shop has found a way to circumvent me trying to usher away solicitors, and instead made a sign that says it all: GO AWAY.

Seriously, go away.

(Please). Send away marketers, solicitors, and general nuisances with this incredible sign that you can hang on your wreath! Tell people to beat it, but politely. Because you have manners, after all.

The sign is the creation of Etsy seller EnchantingPatina.

This laser-cut sign doesn't come with a wreath, but is the perfect accompaniment for a tasteful one. It says, "go away, but look how nice my house is." You know?

You can also display it sans wreath.

In case you're not much of a wreath person, never fear: you can just hang this bad boy on its own.

You can pick it up for $18.36 on Etsy.

Reviewers love it!

The sign has over 2000+ 5-star reviews. I'd say that people are pretty big fans of it, wouldn't you? One customer said:

"Love it!!! My friends are jealous. Thanks so much."

This is the best possible product review a small business could ask for.