Upcycle Glass Bottles Into Custom Drinkware With Help From A TikTok DIY

Reduce, reuse, recycle, baby.

DIYers have been getting more and more creative with their upcycling — like turning bottles into fountains — in an effort to reuse what we would other wise throw away.

Now, a clever TikTok user is taking upcycling to a new level: They're turning a bottle into glasses!

So, let's talk about those empty bottles you have kicking around.

Whether they're boozy or otherwise, you're bound to find yourself with a bottle every once in a while. TikTok user @genevavanderzeil found a way to reuse a particularly beautiful Bombay bottle, and you just have to see it!

Here's what you'll need.

You'll need your bottle, some 400 grit sandpaper, and a glass cutter. You'll also need boiling and cold water, as well as painter's tape. Oh, and grab a towel, just to be safe.

Brief pause for a PSA:

You have to be really, really careful when working with glass. Even though this DIY looks simple, it can go wrong very quickly. I would recommend wearing long sleeves, tough gloves, and something to protect your eyes when doing this hack.

She had a handy tip for removing the label.

If you want to get a label off a glass bottle with minimal ripping, fill the bottle with boiling hot water and let it sit for a bit. Before it cools down, peel the label off! It'll come off without a problem.

To keep the cutter steady, grab some painter's tape and a candle.

Find an object the exact height you want your cups to be. I would go for a small planter or a candle since those are decent cup sizes.

Place the cutter on it and tape it down securely.

Now comes the first tricky part.

The cutter will score the glass as you turn. You'll need firm pressure for this, but don't press too hard or too lightly. You don't want to chip or break the glass prematurely.

Here's the second tricky part.

In comes your boiling and cold water. The temperature extremes will help encourage the glass to snap. Alternate pouring both over the glass. Eventually, the glass will snap along the scored line.

Time for cleanup!

Grab your sandpaper and some water to clean up the edges. The water will help keep any particles from becoming airborne and makes sanding a lot smoother. Sand until you feel safe putting your lip against the rim.

Boom, new cups.

Let's not lie: these glasses are absolutely stunning. They're chic, they're interesting, and most importantly — they're handmade! I love how mid-century modern they look.

It took Geneva about 3 tries to get her bottle perfect.

From what I can tell, the thicker glass of the Bombay bottle is the best kind of glass for this DIY. Thinner glass shatters more easily, leaving you with fractures.

Commenters had some ideas for using them as other things!

Sure, glasses are great. But what about using them as tea light holders? The blue would reflect and glow so beautifully with a little candle inside it! I love this idea.

Some commenters had some helpful tips.

As I mentioned, this DIY is not for the faint of heart. You should absolutely be wearing gloves and protective gear, because you're working with glass! Protect yourself!

Oh, what about a nice vase?

Glasses? Sure. Tea light holders? Why not. But a vase? Now we're talking. You wouldn't even have to cut the glass for this one, tbh. You could leave the bottle with the neck on it!

Would you try this DIY?

Unsplash | Alvis Taurēns

I'd definitely gear up with a heavy apron, goggles, and gloves before trying it, but I think it would be fun to make glasses like this! Would you want to try it?