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Diary Found In A Thrift Store Reveals The Daily Life Of 1950s Housewife

Thrifting has become a very popular activity in today's day and age. People love going to thrift stores to get vintage clothes or even unique furniture and finds. Who doesn't want to find really cool, inexpensive pieces of history?

One TikTok account recently found an interesting find at a thift shop.

TikTok account @otherworlddesign found a diary from 1957 that was completely filled out (every page)! The diary belonged to a housewife from the '50s.

The diary was filled out every day in the year 1957.

Each page was filled out with small details of how this housewife, whose name is Nellie, lived her life.

Some of the entires were very relatable.

If you were to ask me, this sounds like us all in 2021, am I right? But, in all honesty, 1957 seems to be pretty relatable for us all.

Some days seemed a little dull.

Nellie wrote about small things she did during the day, like when her friend, Winnie, called and invited her for dinner (but, Nellie didn't feel like going) — brutal!

Nellie seemed to live a "mundane" life.

Many times, Nellie wrote about how she "had nothing to do" most days. But, there were many historically fascinating things that she wrote about, as well.

Some of her pages brought back shocking nostalgia.

Could you imagine getting coffee and a pie for 31 cents? It truly would be a dream come true. Nellie brought back memories of a time that things were inexpensive and carefree.

However, it was also a time where things were less equal.

Nellie referred to a Black wedding as a "colored" wedding, as was appropriate for the segregated times back in the '50s.

As it turns out, many women kept diaries back then.

One TikTok user said their grandmother also kept a diary like Nellie did and she still has them to read through.

Others were obsessed and needed to see every page.

Many TikTok users wanted this profile to post the page of every date on their TikTok profile so we can all live through Nellie's life in 1957.

Did anyone in your family keep a diary similar to this? Maybe it's worth asking to see if the entries are as fascinating as Nellie's!

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