Fans Are Divided Over Frankie Muniz Naming His Baby Mauz Mosley Muniz

Celebrities have their own rules when it comes to baby names, but that doesn't mean that we don't get to have our own opinions! Actor Frankie Muniz has caused a bit of divide amongst his fans who can't quite decide how they feel about his newborn son's name, Mauz Mosley Muniz.

Frankie Muniz, best known for starring as Malcom in *Malcom In The Middle*, just announced the birth of his first child!

"World, meet my son Mauz Mosley Muniz. He was born on March 22nd at 11:15 AM. That was the moment that my life changed forever. I had heard that it would, but I never would have expected the impact seeing my son would have on me," Frankie announced in an Instagram post.

Fans are divided about the name and took to the comments to say as much.

"What an awesome name! love it , what a stud!" one commenter wrote, while another added, "I love this name so much. He’s an angel already. Congrats to you both!!!"

Not everyone was a big fan of it though!

"Not sold on that name, king!" wrote one fan.

"That name is really going to be a mouthful!" another shared, adding, "Not sure if I love it or hate it, haha."

What do you think? Is it a cute alliteration, or do you think it might be a little bit much? Let us know in the comments!