Joy-Anna Duggar Addresses Daughter's Health Concerns After Specialist Appointment

Needless to say, it's not easy to share your life on social media, and no one knows this better than the Duggars. When it comes to posting about their children online, each Duggar daughter goes about it in a different way. One of the more open moms is Joy-Anna.

Now, the mom of two is opening up about her 7-month-old daughter's health concerns.

As you may know, Joy-Anna Duggar is one of the eldest Duggar sisters from the hit TLC show, *Counting On.*

If you're an OG TLC fan, you would remember Joy-Anna and her whole Duggar family from the popular reality show, 19 Kids and Counting.

Now, the 23-year-old has a family of her own with hubby Austin Forsyth. The pair tied the knot back in 2017.

Joy-Anna and Austin have two children together, a two-year-old son, Gideon, and a seven-month-old daughter, Evelyn Mae.

Joy-Anna keeps her social media open and honest, which is why so many people love to follow her!

Now, the mom of two is opening up about her baby girl's health concerns after a recent specialist appointment.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, Joy-Anna revealed that she and Austin were concerned about Evy's health after her 1-month checkup.

During that visit, the doctor flagged a bump found on their daughter's head.

"She's got like a kind of a weird bump on the back of her head here," Joy-Anna pointed in the video.

"And the doctor was concerned enough to where he wanted us to go get it checked out by a craniofacial doctor."

Joy-Anna explained that the doctor told them the bump on her head could "be a sign that her skull is fusing together too quickly" which would naturally be a concern for any parent!

If that is the case, the 23-year-old explained "it could cause some brain damage."

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only one parent could attend the appointment.

Justin accompanied Evy to the hospital to meet with the craniofacial doctor while Joy-Anna stayed in the car and attended virtually through a FaceTime call.

The parents went on to reveal the doctor said that Evy's issues aren't a cause of major concern for now.

Joy-Anna and Austin were asked to keep an eye on the bump and if it gets any larger or causes any problems, the specialist will reevaluate.

"I'm so thankful that everything turned out okay for Evy and that there's no problem," Joy-Anna said.

"She doesn't have to wear a helmet or have surgery — that's a huge relief."

Because the parents knew about the bump on their daughter's head for several months, the pair explained on why they haven't talked about it until now.

"We haven't talked about Evelyn's cranial concerns until now because we really didn't know what to expect," she said.

"We finally got an appointment at the Arkansas Children's Hospital with the cranial/facial doctor and had a scan done to make sure her skull was growing correctly."

"We are SO SO thankful that everything looks OK and that she doesn't need any further appointments!"

We're so glad to hear baby Evelyn is doing okay!

Watch the full video here.