15+ Times That The World Just Did Whatever It Wanted

We all like to believe we have a fair amount of control over our lives, the things we do, and what happens as a result. However, there are forces at play far beyond our reach that can make anything happen at any time.

This list shows off those random forces, with 15+ times that the world just did whatever it wanted.

"I was born without finger or toe prints."

So you were born with the ability to pull off the perfect heist? Are you thinking art, jewels, or bank vault?

"There's an old tuna/cat food can grown into this tree at my friend's house."

Trees growing around things isn't new, but the curiosity here comes from what it's growing around. What was a cat food tin doing there?

"This mini greenhouse from the turtle shell lid to my son's sandbox."

That grass looks incredible! Time to get a giant one made to lay over your whole lawn.

"This Weird Dirt Formation Jutting Out of Asphalt."

I don't mean to alarm you, but there seems to be a lot of those, and they look an awful lot like termite mounds. You might want to make some calls.

"Inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry."

It also looks, and no offense here, disgusting. Way too slimy for either fruit.

"[There's] a car viewing platform near where [I] live."

A beautiful spot to observe some of nature's rarest creatures. Wide in variety, their speed makes them difficult to get a good look at, but they're still fascinating even in passing.

"Believe this might be a lightning strike on a concrete sidewalk."

If it's not, I'd like to hear what else this could possibly be. Not much could make that!

"A collision center sign blew over and collided with my mom’s new car."

Talk about ironic. At least she only has to drive four blocks and turn right to get it fixed!

"My Montana town is now dead."

And you're the lone survivor? Will you tell the tale of this town or will you use your newfound cold resistance powers and run away to the arctic?

"My drumstick didn't have a cone."

Now it's like eating an ice cream cake but with no cake and way worse.

"Was washing my plate and the whole bottom broke off."

At least the cleanup is easy... and you have one less dish to wash!

"In Brazil they have unruffled Ruffles and ruffled Pringles."

I know potato chip innovation doesn't have many avenues, but this feels like cheating.

"Split a piece of cedar firewood. Looks like starry night."

Who said you need all this painting experience to make art, an ax and the right piece of wood will do the trick!

"This truck parked outside."

Do you think the driver knew? Giggled to themselves a little bit as they lined it up?

"Surprisingly voluminous trash cans in Amsterdam."

I'm more concerned by the fact that I can't tell what's lifting it in the first photo. Did the man on the bottom lower it in with telekenesis?

"A bad enough nosebleed can cause you to cry blood."

Good to know! I'll now be terrified of every future nosebleed I have, thank you.

"Worms forming in a spiral shape."

This is upsetting. The thought of them all moving is even more upsetting. This reads as some cosmic horror-type stuff, I don't want to know what's happening here.

"This bag of grass seed I left out for a couple months."

At least you know the brand works if you ever need to lay it down again, a shining endorsement.

"The way my bottle of beer opened."

I guess it's time for a glass. Or the thrill of risking a cut lip every time you take a drink, your call.

"Mold on cream cheese."

Fun fact, I'm afraid of mold! This photo will haunt my nightmares for the next few months or so. Nothing about it is okay.