Fans Are Conflicted After Hilary Duff's Daughter Was In The Water During At-Home Birth

Giving birth is truly one of the biggest miracles that humans can experience, and there are so many different ways of doing it. Whether you choose to give birth in a hospital, at home, in the water, with or without an epidural, via C-Section, or any other decision is up to you, and nobody gets to make that call for you!

Hilary Duff is sharing her experience with the birth of her third child.

Celebrity parents are definitely under a microscope.

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With millions of people watching your every move, it's going to be hard to please everyone, especially when so many people think that their version of parenting is the only right way to do it.

Giving birth is no different when it comes to getting criticism.

Hilary Duff definitely falls under the 'celebrity parent' category.

While you probably recognize Hilary from her iconic music career, her work in Lizzie McGuire, Cinderella Story, or Younger, she's not JUST a talented actress and singer!

Hilary is also a proud mother of now three beautiful kids!

Hilary has a daughter named Banks who was born on October 25th, 2018, and a son named Luca who was born on March 20th, 2012. Hilary revealed she was pregnant with her third baby in October of last year, and the wait is finally over!

Hilary shared an emotional black-and-white photo to announce the birth of her second daughter.

"Mae James Bair - We LOVE you beauty 3-24-21," Hilary captioned the beautiful shot, showing that the couple had opted for an at-home water birth.

Obviously, fans in the comments rushed to leave their love and support for the new parents!

Hilary's doula, Lauren Guilford, also shared the photo.

"Family centered birth is everything," Lauren wrote. "Welcome to the world, Mae.”

Family-centered birth refers to making sure the entire family is involved in the process as much as they wish to be, and it definitely seems like that was the case for Hilary!

Tons of fans left notes of congratulations, while others praised Hilary for show casing natural birth.

"Natural births are SOOO empowering good job mama and dad!! Beautiful family," another added.

"Love that your daughter was with you in the water for the experience!" a fan shared.

A lot of people were on board, calling it "how birth should be."

For a lot of people, seeing natural and family-centered births online is one step closer to normalizing the process, and might even help expecting mothers who had no idea about these concepts decide what they want!

There was a lot of support.

For people who love natural and water births, seeing a huge celebrity like Hilary normalizing the concept was fantastic!

Of course, not everyone was so on-board with Banks' involvement.

Some people took issue with the fact that Hilary's daughter, Banks, was in the water with her and the newborn baby, although it's not clear whether she was in the water the entire time or just for the photograph.

"Should Banks really be in the water?" one fan asked.

"I wouldn't want my toddler in the tub with me during that!!!" one commenter wrote.

What do you think?

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Would you ever have a natural at-home birth, and would you let your child in the water with you? Let us know in the comments below!