17+ Times We Found Jokes In Everyday Life

The daily grind of everyday life can get a little boring after a while, so it's good to have your day spiced up unexpectedly from time to time!

Well, from unexpected cartoon pianos falling from the sky to terrifyingly weird things hiding in the sewer, here are 17+ times we found jokes in everyday life!

"Mildly Vandalized Sign."

Someone is clearly very excited for the new Mortal Kombat film. Will this finally be the video-game movie to break the curse of terrible video-game movies? Well, probably not!

Daily Routine!

This schedule seems more associated with Satanism than Atheism. Although, I suppose that's not a bad thing, Satanism is far more fun.

"Oh England, even your graffiti is mild mannered..."

One person who lives near this in the UK added, "It [used] to just say PEAS, which makes our graffti even more mild."

"I'm a lunch lady. Today the first graders gave us some letters to thank us for serving them food. This one was my favorite."

The faces on the two people at the bottom had me in stitches, this kid has a career as a cartoonist for sure!

"There's another on the opposite side of the building..."

I am sure that this guy was thrilled with this surprise present! I mean, who wouldn't want a billboard with their age on it?!

"Door to the Walken cooler in a restaurant."

I particularly love the host of mousetraps that are littered around the base of this cooler! They're a lovely touch!

"My car thinks the drive thru attendant is a cone."

I would have loved to have seen the alternative cut of The Terminator where they escape Arnie by just dressing up as traffic cones.

"The church on my street is roasting virgins for Easter."

"Dave, I think that you should maybe change the sign, it accidentally looks like you're suggesting that..."

"It's no accident Steve. No accident whatsoever."

"Einstein's doppelgänger found in a random supermarket, Egypt."

I bet that this poor guy gets this treatment a lot, I mean, he is a dead ringer for Einstein!

"I'm pretty sure #4 is the root of the problem."

I read number four as, "Vampires are human" at first and couldn't stop thinking about that bloody baseball scene from Twilight. Christ alive, what a ghastly movie.

"We all shall applaud the jellyfish!"

Of course we shall applaud the jellyfish, they are our rightful overlords and shall be worshipped as such!

"Upper management came to supervise the vehicle repair."

"Dave, you're really testing my patience right meow!"

"I can't work when you're watching me Mittens, leave me alone!"


Look, sometimes people need a rest! Also, it's a bit cheeky of Jesus to be having a go at someone for resting, he's always banging on about Sunday being a whole damn day of rest!

"Well, at least the clown is gone."

"Hiya Georgie! Do you want a balloon?"

"There's a crocodile behind you..."

"Oh Jesus Christ! Give us a hand out of here Georgie!"

"Nah, you're alright you bloody creep."

"There was just a dude on a phone call at the restaurant I was eating at with a cat chilling on his shoulder."

That cat looks like it is saying, "Oh, what? You never seen a cat in a restaurant before?!"

"Petco knows the difference between cats and dogs!"

Dogs are like the fun roommate who still helps out with the chores and makes life a joy, cats are the guy who doesn't lift a finger and steals your food.

"Can't believe someone rubbed one off in the elevator!"

Absolutely disgusting, this is a public space! I just hope that the problem doesn't escalate any further.

Can You Smell What Christ Is Cooking?

The person who posted this elaborated, "My wife drives by this sign everyday on the way to work, and she's said a couple of times how funny it would be if someone put up a picture of The Rock. I can't wait until she texts me about this tomorrow."

"Updated my wall art to be more relevant."

Now they just need to put that desperate little digger trying its best to help on the bank as well!

"R.I.P. Wile E. Coyote."

I keep expecting two cartoon feet to come popping out of the bottom of this, or for a cartoon head to burst through the top with piano keys for teeth and birds spinning around its head.