Deaf-Blind Dog Protected Missing Toddler For 15 Hours And Led Rescuers To Her

Despite the unique struggles that some experience, they still make an effort to help others when they can. And that applies to both people and animals. Or at least, that's certainly the case for one deaf and blind dog who saw a toddler in need and came to her rescue.

After hearing this story, it's safe to say this inspiring dog has officially become our hero.

It all began when a three-year-old girl went missing in Australia.

Unsplash | Caroline Hernandez (not actual photo)

According to ABC News, a little girl named Aurora was reported missing in Queensland. She had gone off by herself in the middle of the woodlands and became lost in the wet weathered climate for so long that over a hundred State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers, police concerned locals began searching for her.

Although her family was understandably worried, it turned out the little girl had a guardian angel by her side.

Aurora had spent around 15 hours missing in the rough bushland, but she wasn't alone. Fortunately, she had Max to keep her safe.

Max is a 17-year-old blue heeler who found Aurora before anyone else. Not only did he keep the youngster safe all night, but also led the searchers to her location for rescue.

Max proved that it's possible to save the day even if you face unique, personal obstacles.

Although he's a blind and deaf senior dog, he doesn't let that stop him, and he definitely wasn't deterred when it came to reuniting Aurora with her family.

He slept next to her, cuddled with her and reassured her in his own special way that everything was going to be okay.

For his heroic efforts, the Queensland Police named Max it's first-ever honorary police dog.

It was a true blessing for everyone.

The pair were discovered safe and sound on Max's owner's property. It was an understandably emotional and terrifying experience for Aurora and her family that could have ended in tragedy. However, thanks to Max, everyone was okay.

"It could have gone any of 100 ways, but she's here, she's alive, she's well and it's a great outcome for our family," Leisa Bennett, Aurora's grandmother, told ABC News.

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h/t: ABC News

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