Brooklyn Beckham And His Fiancée Wear Each Other's Wisdom Teeth On Necklaces

Everybody has their own idea of romance. For some people, it's red roses and walks along the beach. For others, it's expensive presents. For others still the most romantic gift ever might be a homemade card or a handwritten letter sent in the mail. The beautiful thing about love is we all get to experience it differently!

Some people definitely experience it more differently than others.

Strange ways of showing your commitment and love for someone have been around forever, especially when it comes to celebrities.

Like Machine Gun Kelly, who revealed that he wears a vial of his girlfriend Megan Fox's blood around his neck.

Yes, Angelina and Billy Bob did it first, but there's something to be said for imitating the classics!

Brooklyn Beckham (you know, son of Hollywood super couple Victoria and David Beckham) and his fiancée have been together since late 2019.

The couple got engaged within a year in July of 2020, and it looks like the beautiful pair found a really unique way to express their love and commitment for each other, and it involves a part of our bodies most of us don't think about: their wisdom teeth.

Nicola revealed on Instagram that she had had their wisdom teeth encased in gold and made into a necklace.

"I got our wisdom teeth made into necklaces @brooklynbeckham you're my best friend," Nicola shared alongside a shot of the necklaces in question.

That is certainly one way to show that you love somebody! It looks like Brooklyn is a fan, based on his own post about the gift.

"I am the luckiest person on this planet xx I will love you forever and ever," Brooklyn wrote, showing off the necklace on his Instagram story.

"The best gift from my best friend and the most amazing fiancé x I love you like crazy. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me," he captioned the picture.

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