16+ Bizarre Problems That Only Come Around Once In A Lifetime

No one ever wishes problems upon themselves — no sense in wanting to make your life harder — but there can be a certain uniqueness that comes with specific issues.

This list contains a collection of those issues, some truly bizarre problems that only come around once in a lifetime.

'Schrodinger's baby..."

How fun, they want to make it a surprise! "Who knows? You might be! You'll find out in a few weeks."

"My rice cooker's having a bad day."

Concerned about the cook light still being on. Are you making rice right now? Like this?

"Got this abnormally thick Dorito in an otherwise normal packet."

That's not a Dorito, it's a Dorito. It hits the gym and grunts way too loudly when lifting weights.

That may not sound like a problem at all, but the uploader said they almost broke a tooth trying to bite it.

'This unusual printer’s error on my Paddington book is perfectly readable but rather voracious."

It would be a neat effect in the right type of book but I don't think Paddington is the right type here.

"My mom and uncle found a USAF target drone on the beach."

I suppose this is only a problem depending on what you decide to do with it. And if any suspicious figures visit you in the following days.

"The microwave beeped at me."

It's trying to establish dominance, beep right back! This is your house, you're the alpha!

"Didn’t think to clear the snow from the roof of my shed this winter."

In your defense, that doesn't look like a lot of snow but I suppose that doesn't really matter if your shed doesn't have strong bones.

"This 'dollar' that fell out of my husbands work pants after drying."

Apparently, this happened due to the dollar being fake, not that the owner knew. Who makes fake $1 bills? For what purpose?

"Thought it was an actual road (don't ask). After three hours, two tow truck company calls, and $250 managed to get unstuck from the mud."

This is why I refuse to drive anywhere without a GPS. I know I'll inevitably get lost and, probably, stuck in the mud too.

"Worked a long ass day. Just wanted some McDonald’s fries and gravy. [...] Got just gravy..."

Now you have soup, but way worse in literally every aspect.

"Our kids' toilet was perpetually clogged. We just figured out why."

She looks like she's seen a lot but she's smiling through the pain. That's true strength.

"You won this round onion."

If an onion was able to best your knife, you need new knives.

I mean, you need new knives now anyway, but now it's out of principle and necessity.

"Couldn't you just eat a shoe like a normal dog."

Maybe he wants to be a gardener, don't crush his dreams like this.

"Someone cut the tree that my bike was locked to at work and stole it."

Given how small that tree was, it was probably less work than trying to cut the lock.

"Real cyclamens planted themselves next to fake ones - no one has touched this plant pot in years."

Birds of a feather flock together, even if some of the birds are statues and the feathers are synthetic.

"Was chilling on the couch, then this guy fell on my head."

What's the issue? He just wanted to chill with you, he's trying to make a friend!

"My garage buzzer broke and now I'm trapped inside trying to go to work."

"Hey, sorry, I'm going to need to call off today. Why? Because my house is eating me alive."

"After my waitress sat down my ice water and walked away, my glass split cleanly in half."

This brings a new perspective to the 'glass half full' conversation.

"Was trying to swat a fly and it got squished into my breakfast."

Unfortunate, but at least it's a testament to your bug-swatting skills.

"I suspect that my dollar bill may have been involved in a bank heist."

What's worse, finding out your dollar bill is fake, or that it has a criminal past?

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