Quotes For Anyone Who's Ready To Start Passing The Buck, Please

I don't know about all of you, but I'm pretty sick of being responsible for everything.

One of these days, I would love to be able to just sit back and watch as someone else handles everything I've been juggling for so long. I feel like it would be supremely satisfying, and yeah, it might even bring a little tear to my eye.

If you're also feeling like you're ready to pass the buck to someone else, anyone else, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

The kitchen is off limits indefinitely, thanks.

The worst part about cleaning is that it literally never lasts. You could spend all day scrubbing that kitchen top to bottom until it shines, but as soon as your family comes home, they manage to destroy all that hard work in a second.

It just isn't fair.

You are the bane of my existence.

I don't know what I ever did to deserve this kind of nonsense, but it seems like you're always around to ruin my day. And it's like you don't even care.

Whatever. I'm just going to kick you under the fridge anyway. Take that.

Someone please explain.

Same goes with laundry. I don't know if there are some people living in my house I've never met but it sure would be nice if they'd show themselves every so often to help do some of this mountain of laundry they seem to accumulate.

Yup, sounds about right.


While we're at it, I'd also like to hire a nanny, a personal masseuse, and definitely a bartender because momma needs a break, a massage, and a strong drink!

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