Researchers Create Protection During Eating And Drinking With Nose-Only Mask

Since most of us are about a year into this pandemic by now, the measures that we've taken to protect ourselves and each other have become fairly routine at this point.

I've been lucky enough to be able to stay home for most of this but when I do go out, the biggest change has involved adding a face mask to the list of things I don't want to leave home without like my keys, wallet, and phone.

But those who have been to a restaurant since all of this has began have likely found themselves in an odd catch-22. You need to wear a mask to get in but it's not like you can really eat or drink anything while wearing one.

That conundrum hasn't escaped some scientists' notice either and it's why they've developed a covering that at least offers some protection during the most vulnerable part of this experience.

Upon hearing that someone developed a nose-only face mask, the most immediate reaction may be to wonder how useful such a covering could be.

After all, it's considered improper mask use when people wear one to cover their mouths but let it ride too low for their noses, right?

Well, as KMOV 4 reported, Johns Hopkins University has found that cells relevant to a person's sense of smell are key entry points for COVID-19.

And so the nose-only mask that researchers in Mexico have developed serves to reduce that possibility while still allowing for eating and drinking.

You can see the invention demonstrated in this brief video and you'll notice that it fits about as snug as a standard face mask, just over a smaller area.

You may also notice that both people in the video were wearing regular masks before they sat down.

According to The Hill, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention said that more mask coverage makes for the best case scenario.

Not only does that mean this nose-only mask is better than nothing while eating, but that wearing a cloth mask over a surgical one can significantly decrease the spread of the coronavirus.

And that recommendation likely has a lot to do with why the nose-only mask can easily fit behind a regular one.

As KMOV 4 reported, the World Health Organization recommends using a mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin when you leave the house.

So while the nose-only mask is hardly a replacement for such a covering, it could fill an important role in situations where it isn't possible to have one on.

h/t: KMOV 4

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