Quotes About Getting Older That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

Just a heads up, we're about to get real honest about aging so if you're the kind of person who is living in denial about how old you are, I don't think this is the list for you.

For the rest of us, we know just how crummy is to realize you aren't as young as you once were. But we can't do anything about it, can we? So instead of sitting around moaning on about how much aging sucks, let's find the humor in it by enjoying some hilarious quotes!

As good as it gets.

Making excuses for how tired you look only works for so long before you have to accept the fact that you aren't really that tired at all — this is just how your face looks now.

Isn't middle age amazing?

The ultimate test.

If your cheese-buying experiences have now ventured beyond the cooler with the marble and cheddar cheeses, then I've got news for you: you're old.

As soon as you step foot in that section with the expensive stuff, and you actually get excited about the selection, you're no longer considered young.

A very humbling experience.

I'm not saying my eye sight is terrible, but if I'm looking at something on my phone in the grocery store, everyone in that place can easily read what's on the screen.

It's that big.

It has some complaints for sure.


It's really putting up a fuss. I sort of thought it would be cool with it but as it turns out, my body is more resentful about getting older than I am. It needs to get with the program ASAP.

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