Quotes For Anyone Who Enjoys A Nice Hot Mug Of Silence

Good morning. Have you had a cup of coffee yet today? No? Well what are you waiting for?! Get some of that delicious, hot bean juice into your body ASAP!

Look, we know some people make fun of us for being so dependent on coffee. But after you've dealt with as much nonsense as we have, you take whatever you can get to help you keep going. And nowadays, that just means plenty of coffee and minimal conversations.

If this sounds anything like your kind of attitude, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

Also known as RCF.

I'm sure you've heard of RBF before, right? You know, Resting B*** Face? Well, this is kind of like her older, grumpier sister who isn't unintentionally angry-looking, like her misunderstood sis.

No no, RCF is all real and if you want to see it go away, you better get some coffee ASAP.

Now you may approach me.

I didn't used to be one of those people who needed caffeine in their system to be able to handle other people. But then I got older, wiser, and realized that most people suck. And the only way to not go absolutely nuts dealing with them is to sip a nice hot cup of coffee.

It's better for everyone this way.

Sounds about right.

I'm not saying coffee is the only thing keeping me from becoming a criminal or anything. But I will say it definitely plays a big part in keeping me from going absolutely insane and making a lot of...illegal mistakes.

I ordered my coffee with cream, sugar, and absolutely no conversation.


I know some people want to have early morning conversations but please, for the sake of both our sanities, do not attempt to talk to me while I'm enjoying my coffee. Wait until the mug is empty, then try asking me about my plans for the day.

Actually, maybe wait and see if I'm interested in getting a refill first.

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