Fans Of 'Dexter' Think The Show Is Hinting At Jennifer Carpenter's Return For Reboot

Fans of the smash hit television show Dexter are living the absolute dream right now! Not only is the beloved hit series making a return for a 9th season miniseries, but it's shaping up to include the return of some very beloved characters!

One character fans are hoping to see is Debra Morgan, played by Jennifer Carpenter.

Fans of the show are desperate to see Jennifer return as Debra, despite the complications surrounding that.

After all, (spoiler alert!) by the end of the original run of the show, Debra is dead and buried at sea, which would make it hard for her to have a cameo.

However, there are always ways around everything in television, and fans think they've discovered clues that we'll be seeing Jennifer in the reboot in one way or another.

The first hint came from Jennifer Carpenter herself.

In a video shared to her Instagram page, Jennifer was taking a run in Lincoln, Mass., which happens to be right where the reboot is filming. To make matters more suspicious, when fans pointed this out in the comments, she deleted the video!

Another hint comes from series director Marcos Siega.

In a photo shared to his Instagram from the set of the reboot itself, Siega tagged a ton of cast members and crew members alike — including Jennifer's Instagram, seen in the above shot as "thejennwithin."

It's looking pretty likely to me that we'll be seeing Jennifer in the revival!

Fans are already speculating how they can bring her character back.

Some fans believe she'll be brought back through dreams or hallucinations, but others are holding out hope for a full revival.

What about you? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!