Fans Are Concerned After Kelly Ripa's Unexplained Absence from 'Live! With Kelly And Ryan'

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely a creature of habit. I like things to happen the way that I'm used to them happening, and when anything messes with my routine, I'm not a happy camper — whether that's Starbucks running out of my favorite sandwich, Daylight Savings Time seriously messing with my head, or any sort of change to my daily TV schedule.

Myself and other fans had to deal with a pretty big shake-up this week for Live! With Kelly And Ryan.

Kelly Ripa has been a mainstay on *Live!* since 2001, and has co-hosted with Ryan Seacrest since 2017.

The two are an iconic television duo and fans love to see them together every morning for our little daily dose of fun.

However, this week, Kelly Ripa has been absent from her hosting seat with Maria Menounos filled in for her with no explanation.

Some fans have been concerned about Kelly's absence.

"Hope everything's okay and you'll be back soon!" wrote one fan on Kelly's Instagram page, while another added, "I don't know why you're not on Live! but I hope nothing's going on! Miss you!"

Fans are definitely anxiously awaiting Kelly's return.

"@KellyRipa please hurry back!" tweeted one fan.

Another added, "@KellyRipa missing you on live Kelly and Ryan enjoy your day off can’t wait until your back!"

However, it looks like there might be nothing to worry about.

An insider informed Hollywood Life that "Kelly annually takes time off at the end of March to spend time with her family," so this is business as usual!

Have you missed Kelly this week? Has Maria done a good job filling in? Let us know in the comments!