Turn Air Plants Into Jellyfish With Cuddly Hanging Crochet Planters

I love air plants. They're ridiculously easy to care for, they're cool to look at, and they're perfect for people who can't quite figure out the whole keeping plants alive thing!

Take your air plants to the next level with some cute crochet hats for them!

Get a load of these tiny guys!

They are SO CUTE. I want one of these so badly, and I don't even have an air plant. The coolest thing about air plants is that they don't have to be planted anywhere, so things like this are perfectly healthy for them!

The top is so tiny and cute.

It has a whole through it to allow for a string, and another opening to accommodate the plant itself. The plant's opening is 1.5 inches across, so keep that in mind when choosing your plant.

This would be an amazing statement piece in your house.

Not only is it adorable, but people will have about a billion (yes, that's real math) questions about it! I would totally name each one, not gonna lie.

You can get the pattern for it on Etsy.

Etsy seller HELLOhappy has a PDF available for digital download! Grab it here for $4.99 and get to making your own little plants, no maintenance required! Love that for you.

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