Men Are Getting Ready For Spring By Turning Their Beards Into Bouquets

Nature is healing.

No shave November has finally given way to spring, and the beards are ready to party. Men across the world have decided to usher in the warmer weather by decorating their beards with flowers, and guys? This is my new favorite dude trend.

Kings, all of them.

Seriously, why don't guys do this more? It's so adorable, it makes people happy, and it's so festive! I think this should be a yearly trend now. It is law.

Some have treated the trend as art pieces!

Artist Hayley Shae, who works with florals to bring her pieces to life, decided to weave flowers into a beard for an art exhibition! This is such a stunning look.

Of course, drag queens had to get in on the fun.

The world is a better place with drag queens in it. This flower fantasy beard is complete with some throwback hair clips, a killer eye look, and a kitty cat!

And, there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

So, what do we think? If you could grow a beard, would you decorate it with flowers? I totally would, for the record. It looks like so much fun!

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