Alex Trebek Left $500K In His Will To Build A Center For The Homeless

There are very few celebrities in the world that are universally loved, and Alex Trebek was one of those celebrities. So many of us grew up watching the beloved host every single evening on Jeopardy. He was in our house so much it truly felt like he was family!

Now, fans are learning about another generous donation Alex left in his will, and it's just as life-changing and heartwarming as you can imagine.

When I say Alex Trebek was universally loved, I truly mean it!

The longtime host of Jeopardy! was celebrated not only for his talent at his job but also for his warmth and compassion off the screen. In fact, this became even more evident after he died.

Following Alex's passing in November 2020, fans learned the gameshow host had donated to the Laurel Canyon Land Trust.

"Today Alex Trebek passed away. Did you know that he was generous conservationist in addition to being a famous game show host?" they asked on Facebook.

"He donated 62 acres of land in the Santa Monica Mountains in Nichols Canyon to create the Trebek Open Space. This was not only a gift to urban Angelinos who thirst for open space and outdoor activity, but a gift to native animals such as our local Mountain Lions that require large amounts of open space in order to survive," they shared.

If that wasn't amazing enough, Alex also left a half a million dollar donation to build a homeless shelter in L.A.

It's no secret that the popular California city is facing a homelessness epidemic, and it's clear the cause was close to Alex's heart.

TMZ reports that the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission will honor the late Jeopardy! host by naming a brand new homeless shelter The Trebek Center.

This honor comes after Alex and his wife Jean's $500k donation is the lead gift in Hope of the Valley's construction project.

A 23,000 sq. ft San Fernando Valley roller rink will be transformed into a safe haven for countless individuals.

The publication reports The Trebek Center will break ground on May 15, 2021.

When the renovation is complete, the roller rink will be a 107-bed housing facility that will serve as "bridge housing" — a bridge between the streets and permanent housing.

Alex Trebek continues to be a light in so many people's lives.

There are no words to describe what he's done for us all. Thank you, Alex!