'Sunbelievable' Sunflowers Produce Cheerful Blooms All Season Long

If ever there was a flower synonymous with summer, that would be the sunflower. I have to agree with that statement. It's definitely one of my all-time favorite blooms.

If you were thinking of planting these gorgeous flowers in your garden this year, you're in luck. There is a new variety that I'm pretty sure is going to blow you away.

It's called 'SunBelievable Brown Eyed Girl' produced by Monrovia nursery.

So what makes this particular sunflower different from all the other varieties? There is one special aspect of this plant, and you'll hardly believe it once you find out what it is.

In comparison to other sunflowers, this variety produces a jaw-dropping amount of blooms.

In fact, it's more like 1,000 flowers on a single plant. What? How is that even possible? Well, this floriferous phenomenon plant has multiple stems that produce hundreds of bright yellow blooms.

Oh my goodness, sign me up for that, ha, ha.

Can you imagine having it in your garden? I definitely can. The entire plant is actually under three feet, so it's a perfect choice for containers or the front of a flower bed.

It's easy to recognize this lovely sunflower variety.

Each flower has a dark brown center with a mahogany ring around it. Awe, isn't it absolutely beautiful? And here I thought I couldn't possibly love sunflowers more. This one is making me fall in love with them all over again.

I haven't even told you the best news about this new sunflower.

If you can believe it, this variety blooms all season long. So you can expect to see pretty sunflowers in your garden from the start of spring to the end of fall.

Wow, how incredible is that?

Since this plant doesn't have any seeds, it keeps all its energy to keep blooming. How's that for another fascinating fact, huh? Not only will you love to see this beauty, but the bees will feed on its nectar all season long.

If you want to add an impact to your garden this year, the 'Sunbelievable" sunflowers could be it.

They will fit right in with other brightly colored flowers. Or can make a statement around plenty of garden greenery. Either way, they will be a showstopper.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't over-water these flowers.

They're pretty heat and drought-tolerant. So ease off on that gardening watering hose. If the soil feels damp, you can wait another day before you water them again.

Did you know that the National Garden Bureau has declared 2021 the year of the sunflower?

Oh, yes indeed. So it's the perfect time to stock up on these beautiful flowers to plant in your garden. Are you ready? I sure am.