Quotes For Those Of Us Who Haven't Exactly Mastered The Art Of Driving

Some people are seasoned drivers and others are just putting their foot on the pedal for the first time. Either way, there are some people on the road who are still struggling figure the whole "behind the wheel" thing out, whether they've been driving for years or just for a couple of months.

We've compiled some quotes that embody the experiences of people who haven't exactly mastered the subtle art of driving.

Here's a quote for those who just can't parallel park.

There are people who don't like parallel parking but will do it, if they absolutely have to, with a frown on their faces. However, there are others who when it comes to throwing their car into a tight spot, it's not a matter of making up their minds — they just can't parallel park at all.

This is for the drivers who zone out without realizing it.

When we're first learning to drive, it's all about keeping our eyes and ears locked in to what's happening on the road. Yet, after some of us have been driving for awhile, the autopilot kicks in and suddenly we're wondering how we got to the grocery store.

This quote is for the drivers who are lost indefinitely.

With the invention of GPS technology, people have been able to master the art of driving to get where they need to go. Well, some people can.

For others, it doesn't seem to matter what they use, they end up going in circles until someone comes to the rescue.

Finally, here's one for people who need a few rehearsals before successfully parking.

Some people just need a few extra tries when it comes to parking correctly and for any onlookers to respectfully avert their eyes. No one needs to parking shame anyone with their judgey eyes.

Let us know in the comments if any or all of these quotes resonate with you and if your driving skills need just a little mastery.

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