Tattoo Artist Creates Unique Designs By Combining Clashing Art Styles

If you are looking for a truly unique tattoo, you are in for a treat. There's an artist out there who is now synonymous with a certain style of tattooing.

Actually, he combines two styles and makes his own. The result is something that I haven't seen anyone else do before. Once you see it, you will be as obsessed with it as me.

Mat Rule, a 30-year-old French artist, has come up with an unusual tattoo style.

I can honestly say I've never seen something like this before. He blends a realistic style of tattooing with cartoonist elements. And in the end, it all fits in so seamlessly.

OMG, 'Beetlejuice' is one of my favorite Tim Burton movies, so this one is really fun for me.

Who knew you could mix black and white realistic elements with the brightness of animation? Don't you love this piece? Ha, ha!

How about this 'Pulp Fiction' reference?

Isn't it so cool? It's one tattoo everybody would be totally blown away by, no? Is it just me, or is this tattooing technique super awesome? The person who got this tattoo definitely seems to think so.

'I'll be back.'

This phrase will always be synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator. Of that, I am sure. So how amazing is this tattoo that celebrates all things a human cyborg represents, huh? Wow, those eyes sure are piercing, ha, ha!

Check out this Mrs. Potato Head.

Isn't she something wild? What an interesting way to blend two styles of tattooing. Am I right? I bet whoever got this work done can't wait to show it off to everyone. I know I would.

Where are my fellow dog lovers?

This one is for you, my friends. This Courage the Cowardly Dog homage is making me laugh so hard. It's like the dog is about to jump out of this person's skin, no? Woof, woof!

Beware of the mighty Thanos.

He isn't one to mess around with, that's for sure. His power is stronger than any of us have even imagined. What do you think of this incredible tattoo here? Are you digging it as much as I do?

Here's what the tattoo artist calls RickStein 2.

What an amazing blend of two science minds. One the real one and the other the cartoon version. What do you think of this ultimate collaboration? I think it's super cool indeed.

If this isn't the tattoo for the ultimate 'Simpsons' fan, I don't know what it could be.

Imagine your face combined with your favorite character. Wouldn't that be a trip? I think this is such a fun piece to have on your skin.

Oh my goodness, this 'Alice in Wonderland' tat here is absolutely stunning.

What a work of art, huh? I would never have thought of coming up with a concept like that. Kudos to this artist for creating something as unique as this tattoo here.

Wow, I have to give huge credit to this talented tattoo artist.

He came up with the most unique way of blending two different styles. What do you think of his tattoos? Is this something you would be interested in getting done one day?

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