'Big Bang Theory' Star Jim Parsons Celebrates His 48th Birthday

Jim Parsons is celebrating his 48th birthday, which is the perfect opportunity for us to stop and go WHAT?! THE BIG BANG STAR IS NEARLY 50-YEARS-OLD? He looks like he's at most, 30-years-old. I guess this is how you age as a celeb when you aren't shoving your every thought and opinion into everyone's faces, but I digress.

Now, it's time to pay tribute to the actor the whole universe loves!

Jim Parsons is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

While the entire cast of the beloved sitcom The Big Bang Theory was incredibly talented, there's no denying Sheldon Cooper was a step above the rest.

Jim Parsons' career was forever changed by his role as the blunt but loveable senior theoretical physicist for 12 seasons of Big Bang.

When the series wrapped in 2019, Jim branched out his acting style and proved he was capable of playing a variety of different characters.

The 2020 mini-series Hollywood changed the way fans saw the actor. He was able to adapt to more series roles and settings so flawlessly it was like he was never a comedy actor in the first place!

Now, fans are taking to social media to wish Jim a happy 48th birthday!

To be honest, I had no idea how many adoring fans Jim had. To be fair, I hardly know how to use Twitter.

It's nice to see that a talented, down-to-earth celebrity is getting appreciated in the same way all the Kardashians do — at least he deserves it! There's no way to possibly thank Jim for all the laughs he's given us over the years, so I guess all we can say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS LEGEND!