It's Possible To Get Air Plants In Every Color Of The Rainbow

Air plants are some of the easiest plants in the world to take care of. They require an extremely small amount of water, don't have to be kept in a pot, and they clean the air around you.

How could they get better? Oh, they could look like rainbow plants, that's how.

Air plants come in all sorts of colors.

They range in vibrancy and hue, of course, but you can find all sorts of air plants in a rainbow of shades! This stunning red one starts out green before turning red.

They even come in purple!

I am so nuts about that lavender shade! Purple plants are just so gorgeous and so unexpected, especially in an air plant. Put it in a trio and you've got a mini rainbow!

Air plants aren't hard to care for.

Once a week, take your air plant in place it in a bowl of room temperature water. It'll suck up all the water it needs for the week!

You don't need to pot them.

These babies will quite literally hang out wherever you put them with no problem, and no soil!

What do you think? Would you get a colored air plant? I know I want one!

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