The Easter Bunny Won't Miss Your House Thanks To These Inflatable Peeps

Listen. We have inflatable novelty items for every holiday, right? Halloween and Christmas sure do dominate the inflatable space, but guys... we have to get Easter in on this.

Luckily, the world agrees with us. That's why you can buy giant, inflatable peeps on Amazon. Isn't life amazing?

Heck yeah, inflatable peep.

It's the small things in life that can bring you the most joy, you know? If I had a lawn, you can BET I'd have a giant, inflatable peep on it.

This bunny brings me much happiness.

And it brought reviewers that same happiness.

"Soooo cute!!! I bought a pink and blue and they look so cute and colorful! Love them! I would definitely recommend!!" reviewer Michelle wrote.

Seriously, how cute is this?

It also comes in blue! Why not buy one of each to really deck out your lawn for the Easter Bunny's arrival?

You can get it on Amazon.

It's available for $44.99 right here.

What do you think? Would you put a giant peep on your lawn? Or do you prefer the edible kind? Let me know!

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