Quilter Uses Her Talents To Make An Epic Monopoly Board

Ah, Monopoly. The great family and friend equalizer. You can't find a better test for a relationship than playing a round.

If you're a big Monopoly fan, that means two things: 1) You probably win most of the time, and 2) You will definitely love this Monopoly blanket.

Three words: Giant. Monopoly. Quilt.

Designed by Tabitha at Art From the Heart Quilts, this totally playable Monopoly quilt has its own branded money, playable cards, and 3D pieces to go around the board with!

She taught herself a ton of new skills to make it.

She actually hand designed the board, then sent it to a professional quilter for manufacturing. She then taught herself how to 3D print to make all the pieces!

The details are amazing.

Not only did she print some of the traditional Monopoly pieces, she printed pieces that fit her family! I love the game controller the most, it's so cool! However, let's not sleep on that cupcake.

The quilt was a gift for her mom.

Tabitha said that she made it to share with her family.

"This really was a labor of love for my mom and family. I can't wait until my family can be together again so we can play our first game on it!"