Video Of Stranger In A Store Picking Up Fallen Baby Sparks Debate Online

Many parents of young children find it hard to multitask while trying to do specific tasks. Sometimes, when your children are with you and you are doing everyday errands like shopping, it's hard to keep an eye on your kids. Accidents can happen in an instant.

More and more, people have been catching some of these things on camera.

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With social media and smartphones, more people have been catching parents "failing on the job" and putting their children in harm's way lately.

Recently, one TikTok video has sparked debate online.

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The video is causing controversy amongst parents who are debating parenting strategies and what makes a "good" or "bad" parent.

One TikTok user captured the video and shared it on their profile.

TikTok user @lowlife_edgar was waiting in the checkout line at Champs Sports when he captured the video and posted it to his account.

The video showcased a mom at the checkout counter of a store.

The mom was making a purchase and while at the checkout counter, was apparently neglecting her child's stroller which had fallen backward.

The child seemed to be crying, as well.

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The child in the video seemed to be crying in the fallen stroller. Meanwhile, the woman at the counter, who many assumed was the child's mother, briefly looked over and then went back to what she was doing without picking the child up.

Before the video began, the child's stroller had fallen.

The video begins when the child and the stroller were both already on the ground.

In the short clip, you can see the woman ignores the child.

The woman at the counter completely ignores the child on the ground and turns her attention back to making her purchase.

Instead, a complete stranger helps the child.

The stranger steps in to pick up the stroller and the child off the ground of the store.

Apparently, the woman didn't even say thank you.

The TikTok user shared that the woman at the counter did not say thank your, or acknowledge the stranger who picked up the baby.

Some people on TikTok were debating over this situation.

One person said they would have called CPS on the woman and said the child was completely neglected.

Others said, "That's not a mother."

Some people pointed out that this is not how a mother would act and observed that, "She didn't even look down to the baby."

One person said they were "worried" for the child.

A number of users online expressed concern who the child who was heard crying in the video.

Others thanked the good person who stepped into help for being a kind human.

Another person said, "Thank you for picking him up," and said this person was a kind stranger.

Some people were angry.

One TikTok user said that they would have fought the mother right then and there for neglecting her child like that.

One woman pointed out the stroller is a problem.

What would you do in this situation?

One TikTok user said that the baby is "too small" to be in that type of stroller and needs a more durable stroller for his back, so he wouldn't fall in the first place.

What would you do in this situation?

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