Bride Says She's Too Busy Planning Wedding To Work, Demands Fiancé Get Second Job

Many of us know that planning a wedding isn't exactly a walk in the park. Sometimes, in an effort to make everything go accordingly, the romance of the event is almost totally lost.

This can be especially true for couples that aren't on the same page when it comes to how to best pay for their weddings. Conflict can go from the occasional bickering about budgeting to full-on wedding cancellation if things get heated enough.

Big wedding ceremonies usually come with big price tags.

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People often have a pretty good idea of what their ideal wedding ceremony will look like, but our imaginations can become quite extravagant. In fact, they can become more elegant than our budgets could ever hope to pay for.

Sometimes people must compromise between their dream wedding and something a bit more realistically affordable.

People often overspend on weddings.

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Whether it's to make a good impression on their guests or to fulfill a life-long goal, people can sometimes go too far on wedding spending.

This can lead to debt, arguments and even family drama. There are definitely cases in which bigger is not better.

One bride decided to quite her job altogether to focus on wedding planning.

Despite her fiance's disapproval, this soon-to-be-wifey decided that it was necessary for her to quit her job and prioritize planning her wedding over making enough to afford that wedding.

And in her mind, that meant it was up to her groom to pick up the slack in the money department.

Apparently, this couple's communication has been less than satisfactory lately.

In a screenshot of a Facebook post that was shared to Reddit, the unnamed woman explains that her fiancé doesn't understand that it takes too long for her to get ready for work, drive to work and actually do her work, in addition to making sure they have the most memorable wedding ever.

As she wrote, "I need to be HOME to plan this wedding."

But that's not the only thing they've been disagreeing about lately.

This future wife is also angry with her fiancé for not taking a second job to pay for the wedding.

"It really pisses me off because we are spending $80,000 on this wedding and he keeps saying we should spend less," she wrote in her post.

But his suggestion on cutting back a little bit was not met with much enthusiasm from his soon-to-be-Mrs.

As she wrote of her reply, "UH, HELLO, NO. This is MY wedding I've been dreaming of since I was little and I REFUSE to have anything but my dream wedding."

So, as you can imagine, this disagreement has lead to a lot of tension between the couple.

Apparently, this future bride has been trying to find a remote job.

She explained that she's trying to get a job that will allow her to work from home and also continue her extensive wedding planning, but it's been difficult. So she doesn't understand why her fiancé won't pick up the slack with a second job while she plans their big day.

As she implored, "What happened to happy wife, happy life?"

The Reddit tribunal has spoken.

The people of Reddit were not only unimpressed by this woman's wedding tantrum, but they also expressed quite a bit of concern for her husband-to-be.

One person wrote, "Well, that marriage won't last. Hope the guy gets out before they even marry by the looks of how self-centered the bride is."

People continued to point out how superficial this wife-to-be is.

There's a difference between a bride with expectations for her wedding day and a bridezilla that makes ridiculous demands without regard for others.

One commenter best illustrated this when they wrote, "She clearly needs a reality check. I can’t even fathom this level of entitlement."

Some even made a joke that she's looking for a *wedding*, not an actual marriage.

Reddit users played around with the idea that this woman wants an amazing wedding but doesn't care much for having a successful marriage to follow it.

"It's a very special day but I wouldn't want to screw the life we're going to live after the event just for that day," someone wrote, while others shared their own realistic wedding budgets with successful marriages lasting as long as 40 years.

Over all, people seem to think this woman's Facebook post is indicative of one truly unhappy marriage-to-come.

Unfortunately, there's been no update provided, so we can only imagine how this pre-marital tiff played out.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this story and if you think this future wife was in the right for wanting her husband to get another job for her dream wedding day.

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