Quotes For When Your Favorite Accessories Are A Fork And Knife

Many people are familiar with the types of food that they should eat, but that surely doesn't mean that's what they actually eat. We may even go as far as to fill our homes with all the healthy foods we can think of, but then turn around and order a pizza.

We've compiled quotes that embody the struggle that it is knowing how to eat healthy but somehow still seeming to fail at it pretty much every day.

Here's one for those of us who enjoy too much of an unhealthy thing.

Most of us have seen those diets that allow for us to eat a single mini cookie or two per day, but the idea of only eating two cookies quickly turns into devouring the entire bag and then wondering what just happened.

This is one for all of us who are prone to *snaccidents.*

Sometimes eating salad or anything with too many leafy greens is a high-risk mission that may get something thrown in the trash completely by mistake while another more saucy and delicious thing appears on our plates instead.

This quote is for everyone who feels like eating healthy is a chore.

There are people that go on and on about feeling so energized and happy when they fill up on healthy food. Then there are the people who force-feed themselves some celery even though they hate it with every fiber of their being.

So, to make the celery sorrow go away, they grab some yummy carb-filled takeout.

Here's one for those who plan to eat better...eventually.

For some, having healthy produce in the fridge can feel fulfilling in and of itself. This is true even when we have no intention of eating it anytime soon but do indeed plan to one day eat the salad that somehow gets lost in the fridge every time.

Finally, here's one for those of us who just don't know when to say *when*.

It doesn't matter how many hours I've spent in a classroom or how many expensive pieces of paper I have framed on my wall. The second someone puts a plate down in front of me, I'm not stopping until that thing is clean.

Even if my belly is desperately begging me to throw in the towel. No sir, not today. Momma didn't raise a quitter, so you're just going to have to find room for this pasta somewhere.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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