16+ Times It Took Us A Second To Notice What Was Wrong

Sometimes little mistakes can slip by us, and sometimes these mistakes can snowball to strange places before we even know it!

So, from the man who accidentally turned his home into a duck sanctuary to whispering signs, here are 16+ times it took us a second to notice what was wrong.

Seems Like A Dangerous Place For A Ceiling Fan's Switch...

You have to have incredibly fast hands to turn this fan on without injuring yourself or getting your nails trimmed.

"That damn mischievous cook."

It sounds like this mischievous cook has been getting up to all manner of strange things! Throw him wherever you like by the sounds of it.

"Why did they put nail cutter?"

"Christ, Dave, why did you draw a nail-clipper there?"

*Incoherent mumbling...

"That explains the state of your mouth."

"This gas station used the 'Ñ' for 'OÑIONS' but not 'JALAPENOS'."

So close, and yet so far. Also, what kind of animal doesn't give JalapeƱos the respect they deserve, they're a godsend to food!

"There was an attempt at having a sale."

"This sale is so good it actually costs you more money!"

"Seriously? That is the sales tactic you're going with?"


"The real strain of quarantine is having to see daily how my husband cuts his sandwich."

I mean, a sandwich that has been cut like this simply cannot taste nice...right? What kind of creature does this.


Someone pointed out that this cake looks like it was iced with mayonnaise and now I cannot think about anything other than the upsetting idea of a mayonnaise cake.

"Your dog is so cute, does she shed?"

"I can see you're struggling to tell which one is real Denise, looks like you're going to have to give us double the food!"

"Holy crap, are you talking?"

"Err, I mean, woof!"

"I almost didn't stop since I have never seen a lowercase STOP sign in my life."

For some reason I cannot help but imagine that this sign is actually whispering at me to stop because of the lower case lettering.

"Looking through your window and seeing this."

So I am assuming that one person made a mistake and everyone else simply had to follow along with their insanity? Either that or they did it on purpose, which is diabolical!

"Will you be my BeBe FriFri?"

This is perfect for people who just want to find their StSt EndEnd. And, in the end, isn't that all that anyone wants?

"That's why people are uneducated!"

Well, to be fair to the person who made this board, that is an incredibly complex equation!

"My husband has been sticking these in places I can't reach to annoy me. It's working."

I can see how this would get very annoying very quickly. Although, I cannot say that I wouldn't be tempted to do the same thing should the opportunity arise!

"Asked for ketchup and mustard... Why?"

"Look, he asked for ketchup and mustard, so he clearly wants them mixed together!"

"I cannot disagree with you enough Dave."

"The placement of these cooking instructions."

"Muhahahhaa! Now you will need to buy another box to read the instruction!"

*Thunder crackles in the background...

"The 's' is clearly upside down!"

"Welcome to our Spa, the most relaxing place on Earth!"

"What...what the hell is wrong with that sign?"

"Psych! Welcome to our mild irritation facility!"

"I tried cleaning the stain off this mug until I realised it's part of the design."

I know that I would try and wipe this off every single time I washed this cup, no matter how long I owned it for!

"One of the holes in my laptop's speakers is slightly off."

Yep, looks like you're going to have to get a new laptop. Don't even bother trying to salvage the stuff on this one, just chuck it away immediately!

"More handiwork by my idiot brother-in-law..."

Even that bottom outlet looks absolutely abhorrent at what their brother-in-law has done to their friend!

The Neighbor's Growing Duck Problem...

This irate person explained, "My brother has a neighbor who feeds the ducks EVERY DAY! Now ducks pretty much run this whole street. This is his [neighbor's] yard pretty much 24/7. Most times you'll see around 60 ducks in his yard and in the street, not caring if you want to drive anywhere. They've taken over."