'Plant Life Support' System Is Perfect For Anyone Who Forgets To Water Their Plants

So, let's face it. For many of us, keeping plants alive is hard. Sure, we try our best, but we're busy! Watering them can slip your mind pretty quickly. And when you remember to, it's pretty easy to accidentally over-water them.

Thank goodness there's Plant Life Support, which aims to keep your plants healthy — with very little involvement from you! That's the dream.

Well, I'm guessing this isn't what you pictured.

In fact, it's infinitely cooler. This IV bag setup is by the brand Bubblegum Stuff, and it has rave reviews from its users! I just know I could keep my plants alive with this thing, you know?

Here's how it works.

"Pop it into a pot with the included stand, fill it up with water and it'll take care of the rest – slowly feeding your plant with just the right amount of water as and when it needs it," their website explained.

It's ideal for people who aren't home a lot.

Or for those who take short trips away. You can rest assured your plants will survive while you're on a weekend trip!

(If you're me, this is just a good idea, because I'm forgetful af and it is so bad.)

You can join the waitlist for it now.

Plant Life Support proved so popular that it is currently sold out. You can join the waitlist for one right here! New stock will be available in April 2021.

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